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  1. depends: if the vintage show is good, the vintage show. and vice versa would you rather eat a pinecone or eat a branch wth is wrong with me
  2. gonna write a beautiful poem xoxo <33 potato in skye potato say bye potato on plate potato is my faith potato in da ground potato i have found potato so yummy and delicious potato so vicious i call this poem "asparagus" also:
  3. 1: it means the room is dirty 2: you need to pick the vacuum cleaner to clean the living room, the other cleaning tools clean different rooms. 3: every few days potato potato
  4. i have an obsession for chief going on

    1. MarshyMellow


      I have an obsession of Baymax going on.

    2. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      I have an obsession of wanting to play Ratchet & Clank going on.

  5. it happens in the morning 1: i think from around 7 am till 9 am, not sure though 2: yes you can 3: you can work in a park as a security guard, in a shopping center too i think, and i think some other places as well 4: you need to fulfill some requirements, they're different for each job 5: no, if you want the job in the park for exemple, you need to go to the park hope this helps lel
  6. i didn't know beau was a popular villager, i have him in my town o.o

  7. pop, absolutely chief or beau i have beau in my village and apparently he's extremely popular and i didn't know
  8. 61 do the mods even check this topic anymore