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  1. Someone outbid me on the Ocean last minute and on the v2 but I'm getting my v3 soon! I'm super busy nowadays I kind of bought it just to have it sit in my shoe box of memories, but I for sure want to run it a couple times and maybe even log it! It would give me something small to do and keep up with while I'm sitting in the office. 

  2. I don't have my collection of Tamagotchis anymore but I'm bidding on an Ocean, v2 and v3 on eBay aaaaaa

  3. One time yearsss ago I made a new forum asking for Tamatalk to let us "like" status updates, and someone replied to it "This isn't facebook," and its sooo funny logging back in years later to see we got it 🤣🤣

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KeroPyontchi


      No for real! I honestly think it's because we were all so young lol. I remember you from back then too!! Nice to see you again :))) 

    3. tamastar133


      Oh yeah i was a baby back then lol, but i dont blame the older users being kinda annoyed lol. I remember you as well, thats why i commented haha.

    4. cmarie


      Hi guys! I just noticed that too!  Spent my afternoon liking things LOL.  I hadn't been in here in over 2 years!  

  4. Omg Tamatalk was jumpinnnn back then it was so fun! I joined when Tamatalk was at its peak and so many people were always online. I still log in to this day like once or twice a year. Those were the best days ever
  5. Hey yalll just doing my yearly check in on this website. Makes me remember some of the best times from ages 10-13 and going into my 20s now it's crazy how time flies! I used to sit and read for hours and hours on here. Hope everyone's doing well and life is treating you good ❤️ 

    1. Klonoa13


      I haven't been here for too long myself and I certainly wasn't here when you used to be very active on here, but nice to have you back regardless! : D

  6. There is a pausing option with the tamagotchis

  7. Hey I miss yall 🥺

    1. TamaMum


      Hi :)

      It's been a while - hope all's going well for you.

    2. TamaGuyJayy


      I remember you.. Same,  I miss being there. 

  8. I always pop back onto this site time to time and lightweight miss having Tamas but between school, work and a social life it's kinda impossible for me :(

    1. AwesomeGotchi


      Never related to a comment more.

  9. I always pop back onto this site time to time and lightweight miss having Tamas but between school, work and a social life it's kinda impossible for me :(

  10. Should I run and log a v4.5 or a v2?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Arhalidin


      I guess... V4.5? Those sound fun.

    3. KeroPyontchi


      @Momothebowler I only have one battery :)

    4. Momothebowler


      Welp KeroPynotchi would you rather have the classic or newer one? best way to put it

  11. I would say a v2 or v3. However, of the ones you mentiond, get a v4.5. They're pretty easy to care for with the connection-era vibe still there.
  12. I'm back with another log. Please check it out!

  13. Entry 001 As promised as soon as I'd have time, I'm back with a new log. I'm not gonna make this part too long, let's just start. 4U Today I found most of the Tamagotchi's I been missing for about half a year now very ah responsible and I wanted to start one up but realized I didn't have any batteries for the connection-era Tamas (which, if you know me, are my favorites.) So it was between my Tama-Go, 4U, or Tamagotchi Friends. I'll start another one up later when I get batteries but for now my 4U is all I'm running. So! Soon enough the egg hatched, and out came Ufufutchi! She ate... Played games, all that. Later, she evolved into Pannakotchi. She's really cute, I think she's the worse care child character though. That's all for day one, thanks for reading!
  14. Within about 15 minutes, I realized I was missing about half my Tamagotchi collection, tore the house up looking for them, found them, realized how many I was missing besides the ones I knew weren't there, and have found that my 4U is missing the faceplate cover thing completely and my Entama is missing the back.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KeroPyontchi


      Ugh, and I'm still missing my Tamagotchi Angel.

    3. Flare.exe


      How'd that happen?

    4. Arhalidin


      It's kinda fun to play a 4U without the faceplate. I call it the "Air Faceplate".

  15. Woah, I haven't been on in a loooong time. How's everyone doing?