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  1. KeroPyontchi

    Which Connection version to buy

    I would say a v2 or v3. However, of the ones you mentiond, get a v4.5. They're pretty easy to care for with the connection-era vibe still there.
  2. KeroPyontchi

    KeroPyontchi's Log

    Entry 001 As promised as soon as I'd have time, I'm back with a new log. I'm not gonna make this part too long, let's just start. 4U Today I found most of the Tamagotchi's I been missing for about half a year now very ah responsible and I wanted to start one up but realized I didn't have any batteries for the connection-era Tamas (which, if you know me, are my favorites.) So it was between my Tama-Go, 4U, or Tamagotchi Friends. I'll start another one up later when I get batteries but for now my 4U is all I'm running. So! Soon enough the egg hatched, and out came Ufufutchi! She ate... Played games, all that. Later, she evolved into Pannakotchi. She's really cute, I think she's the worse care child character though. That's all for day one, thanks for reading!
  3. KeroPyontchi


    Yeah, there's a great one right here on TamaTalk actually.
  4. KeroPyontchi

    Tamagotchi Shutting Off

    Try making sure all four screws are intact and tightened.
  5. KeroPyontchi

    V3 not marrying...

    Pausing does affect marriage, and on top of that, the v1-v3s tend to have the Matchmaker come anywhere from ages 6-8, not just 6.
  6. KeroPyontchi

    hi I'm new here please help!

    Welcome to TamaTalk! Unfortunately yes, that is a fake Try looking here: For real Tamagotchis (at a good price )
  7. KeroPyontchi

    V3 tamagotchi won't become an adult

    Since it was downloaded, it will take an extra day(s) to evolve. I downloaded my EnTama, and she became an adult at 9 years. Just be patient.
  8. KeroPyontchi

    Yourself as a Tamagotchi Character!

    Wow! That's really creative
  9. KeroPyontchi

    ~Kero's Log~

    Hey guys, I just wanted to pop in and make an update. A final update, actually. I'm going to be starting over my log in the near future. I'm just waiting for my v2 and EnTama to leave, and for myself to purchase AAA batteries. This may take up to two weeks. I really love logging, and this one had been up since Febuary 2014. For personal reasons having to do with my obsessive-compulsive disorder, which has gotten worse over the past few months, I need a fresh start. Zorro had a baby boy and left last night. The EnTama is still a teenager, since the battery has died twice in that generation. It still says she's seven years old, though. I don't know when she'll evolve but she is currently a Nikatchi. I started up my v2 a few days ago, she's a girl named Aero (hatched on a plane) and went from Shirobabtchi to Hidoetchi to UFOtchi. She's 2 years old. As always, thanks for reading and thank you so much for your support. 2/3 of my logs have gotten over 1,000 views! All thanks to you, of course. I'll call the next log KeroPyontchi's Log, so keep an eye out for that. Bye!
  10. Topic title should say it all. Name any Tamagotchi character you could see yourself as in the Tamagotchi world, or make your own! I'm curious to see what everyone would come up with.
  11. KeroPyontchi

    Mod Break

  12. KeroPyontchi

    Mod Break

  13. KeroPyontchi

    ~Kero's Log~

    Hey guys! So to start of today I don't have the best of news... Yeah, there goes the EnTama... I knew the battery wouldn't last long, but I didn't know it would go this soon... Oh well, I'll see if my mom can buy me batteries after work tomorrow or I'll go ahead and buy them myself. In other news, Zorro evolved early into a Mametchi! I wasn't expecting this at all since he's been paused all day, he's only two years old, and he has more star points than pencil points. Not that I'm complaining. That's all for today, thanks for reading as usual and I aplogize for the quality of the pictures!
  14. KeroPyontchi

    ~Kero's Log~

    Thanks to Kyuu and Flare.exe for the suggestions! I also wanted to thank Kyuu again for all the wonderful PMs she's sent me, she's an amazing person so check out her equally-as-amazing log! The pictures and text are really symmetrical and it calms the raging OCD I get after looking at my messy log Anyways! Onto updates for today! Zorro's doing well, not much is going on but he's taking care of his teeth at least... Also! I looked at the suggestions, and I'll make sure to get the 4U batteries soon but don't have any at the moment. I found one more regular Tamagotchi battery, but I don't know how long it will last. I started up my EnTama, like Flare.exe said. I pressed download and she was the Kutchi family baby, but I didn't get a picture. She later evolved into this toddler... Her name is 草花, which I believe means flower. I'll update next time someone evolves, thanks for reading! Edit: Ahh! I'm trying to fix it, sorry! Edit 2: Done, but hooray for page 3!