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  1. One time yearsss ago I made a new forum asking for Tamatalk to let us "like" status updates, and someone replied to it "This isn't facebook," and its sooo funny logging back in years later to see we got it 🤣🤣

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    2. KeroPyontchi


      No for real! I honestly think it's because we were all so young lol. I remember you from back then too!! Nice to see you again :))) 

    3. tamastar133


      Oh yeah i was a baby back then lol, but i dont blame the older users being kinda annoyed lol. I remember you as well, thats why i commented haha.

    4. cmarie


      Hi guys! I just noticed that too!  Spent my afternoon liking things LOL.  I hadn't been in here in over 2 years!