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  1. Aw, yes. I remember my first Tamagotchi. In fact, I'm using it now. I got it 5 years ago, when I was 7. It's a v4. I got it cuz my cousin got one, and I got hooked to tamagotchi
  2. My favorite movies are: The Hunger Games Andre The Lion King 2 Mulan Soul Surfer
  3. My Tamagas in my mom's plants Lol (I'm not sure if the image showed up, if it didn't, sorry for posting )
  4. Typically what I play for sports is Track and Field, Archery, and Basketball. Yep, I'm athletic For video games, Super Mario Bros., Pokemon Black, and Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  5. All I can say is that my crush is a jock, he's blond, and his name starts with an R.
  6. The Big Bang Theory Friends My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Doctor Who Regular Show Jessie Golden Girls All my favorite shows
  7. I watched The Hunger Games! Im the #1 fan in town!
  8. @kuchipatchi.is.blue55 Thank you! Milk worked
  9. What just happened? I took my tamagotchi to school (I have a free day, no homework, and I only have track and field tuesdays, wednesdays, and fridays (saturdays if i have a race), and I checked on them, and they where a petite family !!!!! My adorable family was replaced by fake teeny tiny... THINGS ! Anyone know why?
  10. My poor Peeta died as a teen. I left for school, and I was going to bring him. (Mum said no.) When I came home, I expected him to just be pooped and sick, but I found him dead... It was only tht one time unattended. My mum said she would take care of it, since she had a day off, but no... R.I.P Peeta... (three finger salute, does Rue's whistle)
  11. Hope you're ok now. I heard it was bad. It is worse than Irene, but hopefully not as bad as Katrina. All I have where I live are earthquakes.
  12. Ugh I hate when that happens. What I did was I used a small chain from a necklace, and I put it in the little hole in the corner. I only didthis on my v5 because my v4's hole broke