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  1. Me & Dango will be blogging alot today to make up for the lack of blogging cx

  2. Since my tama-go & v6 are deco-ed out. i usually just have them in my wallet , or that little zipper inside your purse
  3. I totally LOVE the name 'Dango' after Clannad , but I have also named my tamas 'Mimi, Alex, Sara, ' etc. very common names.
  4. this is a great idea , im good at promoting things as well, so once this project is complete, let me know ~ ♥
  5. Same with mine , but I agree with above, this thing is a monster cx too much space not enough souund
  6. the KFC commercial. 'dad, dad whats wrong?' 'I ate the bones,,I ate tHE BONES. I ATE THE BOOOONES' CX
  7. I look best when i wear my extensions and curl all back, as well as a sock bun(: ♡ yay for hot buns
  8. Does anyone here do deco den? if so can I see your creations? I'm always looking for new people to talk to about it(:
  9. my avi is my marimo and dread. omg im such a loser.