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  1. Did you get yours yet? It's been three weeks and there's still no sign of mine.
  2. As a last message for clarification: I do in fact sympathize but you are misunderstanding my original point. Oh yes, and I'm also a university student who has fees to pay. My point was that for me to be called "lucky" was out of context because I paid money which equates to time and hard work to someone who doesn't have the decency to reply to his customers. Being called "lucky" was extremely insulting as it suggested I did not work incredibly hard to obtain my material goods.
  3. ^ I addressed customs and holiday waiting times earlier in my posts, thanks. (It's holiday back-up, but everyone else has theirs, I got my usb from china shipped way after ordering my tamagotchi. Noooo big.) If you try hard enough, you can find a job, even if its minimum wage. Capitalism. Working hard to get something isn't called "lucky". Getting it as a present would be considered "lucky". And if put in that matter, I might as well be overjoyed if my tamagotchi came five years later, because I'm lucky I even received it. I'm more than done arguing over this issue, I made a post to suggest that others order from a different website if they want to get their product quickly at a lower price like everyone else already has their tamagotchi p's. Not to sit here and partake in a virtual feud. In order to avoid spam and berated arguments, I will no longer elongate the messages of this topic.
  4. Which is why I looked and ask around people whether or not they've ordered from him and responses I got were "oh, he used EMS with me!" and so therefore I deducted that "standard shipping" was in fact EMS. I didn't see why it would be so incredibly difficult for someone to take a couple extra dollars and make it EMS, but apparently this is truly the most hardest of tasks to complete. Difficulty of the highest caliber. He could've had the decency to reply to my friend whom purchased from him within two weeks, but nope. You are correct, it his "his business". And therefore when running a business where people are paying hard-earned money and have sent a total of three emails, a business is expected to offer excellent customer service and at least reply to their emails. I'm complaining because a, I believe that I am angry for a justifiable reason and because I am making a warning to those whom are thinking about purchasing from him for the Tamagotchi P's because they'd be much better off purchasing from another website as shown. Consider myself lucky? I worked and paid for my tamagotchi P's, it's not as if its dropping from the sky or being served to me on a silver platter. Considering myself lucky would be applicable if I had not worked my butt off for my material goods.
  5. I'd probably take the customs situation into account if not almost every single person (Amiami, HLJ, Rakuten, and CDjapan) have all received their tamagotchis ages ago, paid less money for their product and had it shipped around the same time. And the people whom ordered from Jason who paid far more are sitting here twiddling their thumbs with no tracking number, when that extra money we paid would've covered EMS not to mention it was regular EMS shipping price. His 'impeccable' lack of customer service by not bothering to reply to my friend whom purchased from him ever, but replied to some random eBay user. Ignored the request to pay extra for EMS in case he was not using that method. My friend sent a total of three emails two weeks ago, which not a single one have been replied to. But kudos to Jason, he was such a strong devoted fan-base. I'm not in any way saying that those whom love him dearly are wrong in any way, I am speaking off personal experience. I think at this point, my infuriation will not allow me to excuse anymore. I didn't put this in Jason's store topic because my post pertains to the purchase of the tamagotchi p's. It seems that most buyers didn't receive their tamagotchi P's, but other users whom purchased different items from him received them generally in a timely fashion. Also a nudge to people whom browse this topic wanting to purchase one to try and order off another website rather than Jason this time around.
  6. I think the reason why blame is being placed on Jason, for my friend and I personally at least was that we had expected him to use EMS. For the outrageous price he charged that we paid so we wouldn't have to "wait" for a long time, what we expected was EMS. He purchased the item from him and emailed him a few days prior to him shipping the parcel, asking if we could have a tracking number when it was shipped, and would be willing to pay extra for EMS, however my friend never ended up getting a reply. I also happened to email Jason, and I wasn't the one who actually purchased the item from him on eBay. He replied to my message but he didn't reply to my friend's. What I asked was which shipping method he was using to ship our products and got the reply "japan post airmail". This also took many many days. You know, honestly, I wouldn't have minded the wait so much (even though pretty much everyone except people whom ordered from Jason have gotten theirs) if I had a tracking number at least. Instead I'm left pondering when it's coming. It would be more than just reassuring to have a general idea of where such an expensive item is. Ironically, a few days later, I ordered a infrared USB (which was shipped after the tamagotchi) that was very cheap from China and I honestly didn't expect it to come quicker than my tamagotchi. But that's how it worked out. Furthermore, even my tamagotchi deco piercing ordered from a different seller arrived on Monday as well. I respect that Jason has shipped to many tamagotchi users and their good opinions are based on their personal experience. However, I am extremely dissatisfied with this unfortunate event and will make sure to avoid ordering from him again.
  7. Oh okay, I see, I thought as soon as it reached December it would be snowing. Thanks!
  8. It's supposed to be snowing outside, but it's been in this cloudy grey state since... forever :/ what is going on...? The date is set to 12/7
  9. Oh I meant I'm looking for images for the other ones. The two in the video are the only ones I have so I was wondering if anyone knew what the others looked like. Thanks though! c:
  10. yaaay i got fat bee boy on my ID L

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      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Kuishinbotchi. Kuishinbo = "Big eater"

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      i know his name I prefer calling him fat bee boy