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  1. Summer Time whoop whoop!

  2. My IDL isn`t turning on

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    2. SailorRosette


      Its not an IDLE is it...?

    3. ~SailorMoon~


      I hope you get it to turn on

    4. =^.^=



  3. My IDL isn`t turning on I hope it just needs batteries

  4. Uh-oh. My IDL in japanese isn`t turning on I hope it just needs batteries

  5. Uh-oh. My IDL in japanese isn`t turning on......I hope it just needs batteries

  6. Uh-oh. My IDL in japanese isn`t turning on......I hope it just needs batteries and its not broken like my one in english

  7. R.I.P Tama Town. We will never forget it. -R.I.P Tama Town On 2/6/13 (Febuary 6th, 2013)
  8. Love has evolved into the cactus girl, and then into Perotchi,the cake character. I am trying to get Love a Sopratchi as a pet. Now, it is time to get happy stamps. I got a fruit sandwich first. I think the animation is cute! Next, I made her try on some cat ears. Me: Yay! Happy stickers! Perotchi: Yay! Me: Lets go find Sopratchi at Donut Park! Perotchi: Yay! Sopratchi is awesome!
  9. Hey guys, I haven`t blogged for a while. Sorry about that, I was upset that my IDl-E broke. My dad sent it back, and got a new one. Unfourtnatly, he didn`t know which are english and which are japanese, so he ended up getting a japenese one . The buttons are pretty much the same though. Just in japanese! When I tried to put in my name i japenese, it didn`t have all the letters I needed for my nickname which is "Lala" or my real name (which wouldn`t fit in english,but would fit in japanese.) so I just used hearts . I like that it tells you the name of the character. I hatched a pink girl character named Mormoirotchi in english. When I translated her name it was " Pink of course". Now she evolved into Rolutchi which translates into " one course" I decided to stop the music star for now and focus on the IDL. Were going to call her Love for now. She doesn`t want to talk right now, so i`ll let you know tomorrow!
  10. I got my new Idl,because mine broke. Unfourtunatly, it is in japanese. Now, I have to start to learn to read japanese.

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      You don't have to learn Japanese to enjoy a Japanese iD L...

    3. KeroPyontchi


      I don't know. Learning Japanese isn't easy, and you don't even know how many times I've attempted (and failed) to learn it!

    4. lala0629


      Actually, I can get around on the idl easy. I don`t need to read it

  11. A Lovelytchi practicing peanut butter on a hamster
  12. In the box is KeroPyontchi starting a new box, Francois Trinh-Duc, a note saying "Why did you start a new box", a screaming kitten, a reply note to the first note saying, "Just go with it", a dolphin, Santa and his reighndeer, a note saying "no comic sans", an angry mob, a Christmas tree, Santa Clause, Tumblr, A monster furby, another Christmas Tree, some snow, pictures of my hand drawn tamagotchis, some coloured pencils , the other boxes that were never finshed, me typing in Comic Sans, My ID L-E, a note saying "NOBODY IS TO NEVER EMPTY THIS BOX EVER" , A smiley face, a sad face, Juandre Kruger, A hamster in a tree, a shipper, a cage full of monkeys, a hipster, a cage of flying pourcipines, the old box, the OTHER old box, a photo album full of Adam Young pictures, Teri's fail Roxy drawing, Club Penguin
  13. I got a hamster today! It is a Male Syrian hamster. He is all black. My brother and I named him Bear.

  14. #3. An animal would never learn to play a tamagotchi (P.S Alice I deleted the message by mistake I read the new message you sent me. Please awnswer it!)
  15. Its snowing!

    1. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      Lucky.. all of the snow melted where i'm at :(

  16. Sorry I deleted your pm! It was a mistake

    1. lala0629


      I ment to delete something else.

  17. This is game is a list of things any animal would never do. When you post it should look something like this: #435. An animal will never fly Make sure it isn`t against the rules! So I will start #1. An animal will never do your chores