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  1. When im at work all day, I cannot play with it. unless im on my break. so the happiness hearts get so low that it wont play unless i feed it a snack first. I wanna try to get the secret charactor..but i dont think I can
  2. Thanks..she finally came. and no..i never pause them..anyways i try not to..hehe
  3. I have a tama who is 7 years old ..the match maker never came. Im not sure if i Missed her when i was at work or if she just didnt come. will she come or is this one just gonna grow old?
  4. Today My new baby died while I was at work. when I got home my 7 year old was on the verge of dying. it was making that noise and i hurried and pressed restart, then download..and it came back alive and well..i was so happy..was I lucky?
  5. Well I restarted it, and It still does that..but what i noticed is..that when all 3 of my tama's were born on the same day (2 connections and plus) even though the age is growing fast....its physically not growing that fast. my connections are 5 and my plus is 8..but they were all infants,teens and now adults all at the same time. So i guess its not that
  6. Kool, this thread was very informing. thanks guys. I think that when i get a new baby, I wont feed it any snacks to see if i will get the secret charactor. but its gonna be a week cuz mine just had babies..
  7. I tried, but my friend cant seem to get hers to live very long..But she has a real baby of her she dosnt have alotta time
  8. Yea, I restarted it last night, It turned 1. So now it is 1. So Im hoping it stays that way until tonight at least. Im only having this issue with my plus. my connections are also not doing this.
  9. No, I never try to pause them, that only makes it work, and I think U cant pause a Tama Plus anyways. It's only my plus thats doing this. I think maybe because the time change. I will probably just restart that one to see what happens.
  10. hmm..then I prolly got it with my connections and just didnt see it. I was at work all day then i went out with my friends..soo..didnt see it
  11. Ok, Im just hoping that it will not always do kinda takes all the fun out of it.
  12. hmm It's 5. Do u know why its aging so fast?
  13. Yes, I just woke up today and it is now 5 years old. ur plus does the same thing?
  14. Man, I didnt see nuthin either..but I was at work all day, and only got to check up on them on my maybe they came while i was workin..but I dont think it would have 4 my plus.