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    Tamagotchi, soul eater, lucky star, youtube, science (Physics and Biology mainly. Anything cute and girly.

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    V4 so far
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    Lovelitchi / Mametchi
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    None my V4 broke so I'm hoping to get an ID L for Christmas. :3
  1. Thank you i was a little worried because it was at the minimum wheight could someone close this topic now?
  2. what is the ideal wheight for each stage on the ID L because I'm worried about my Tama
  3. Thanks thats exactly what I meant I saw it on youtube and considering I'm getting one for Christmas I was quite curiouse. Thanks.
  4. That's not what I was asking, but thankyou for your reply
  5. Hey I have no idea where I got this Idea and I'm not sure if it's true. On the Tamagotchi ID L when you visit the matchmaker is there an indicator if your tama likes a particular character more more than the others presented?
  6. XD I used to do this but it's actually a bad thing to feed them too many snacks. If you do it can make them sick, Overweight and can even make them naughty when you connect with other tamas. The games are there mainly to boost happiness, The money thing was added in the tamagotchi connection 2
  7. Are ID Ls needy in the freind stage because I'm in highschool and i need to concentrate at least a little ***OST EDIT: Split post to new topic***
  8. Can you use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to download things to an ID L?
  9. NO IT'S DEFINATLEY NOT FAKE the English ID Ls were made by bandai asia specificaly for sale in HongKong where English is the most common language Most people in China can't read any form of Japanese writing and fiting in complex Chenese would have been too much so yeah It is 1000% Real Mine arrived yesterday I can't wait for christmas
  10. yeah I feed them which ever food I think they'd like I always try my best to mix it up. I rarley ever feed them snacks and opt for the healthier and funner activity of playing games I like to think of myself as a very good caretaker
  11. Would I be able to use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 to download things