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  1. So you lost intrest? D: that's sad :/

  2. Boys: Kuromametchi Mametchi Gozarutchi Girls: Yumemitchi Pekopekotchi Himespetchi
  3. I would replace the batteries just to be safe, even if the tama is unopened. Batteries are fairly cheap, so it doesn't hurt to buy new ones and not have to risk corrosion.
  4. Since the weight won't go down any more that means it is the ideal weight. Just keep on playing games with it and continue keepng your tama healthy. Hope I helped a bit.
  5. Hello guys! I got acnl and a 3ds a little while ago, so please PM me your friend codes so I know who you are. FC: 0920-0476-7063 Rules: (Please) Don't pull flowers Don't cut down trees Don't dig up fossils And no messing up designs
  6. You just kind of have to memorize where all the options are. Once you begin to fiddle around with it you will begin to understand it more and more. Good luck!
  7. I really love my p's! It is definitely worth the $50. This was my first Japanese tama and I was a little on the fence about buying it, but I'm so happy I did. It is really entertaining because there are so many features compared to some other tamas. I think you should go for it! Give it a shot. Good luck. ♥
  8. Hmm now that you mention it, I have started to notice some dust under mine too! Kind of a shame that you can't do anything about it, but since the dust on mine is so tiny I don't really get bothered by it.
  9. The p's is nothing like the tamago in my opinion. It is far more advanced and has loads more features. The tamago barely had any features built in and really requires you to buy the figures to play with it while the p's deco pierces add small features.
  10. I usually put it in a little crocheted pouch and then stick it in my bag. If I'm not bringing a bag along then I just leave it at home. (Or stick it in my friend's bag! )
  11. Yup, just use a phone screen protector. I know they have them for sale at Target, but you might be able to get them elsewhere for a better price. A good idea would be to get one for the iPad, since it's so large. Then you could just cut it up and use it for multiple tamas.