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  1.'re lucky Did you donate anything to the king?
  2. It could mean your tamagotchi is about to explode. That happened to my neighbor. It was so freaky....0.o She emailed the company and they sent her a new one, free of charge. She only had to show the evidence of the exploded tamagotchi.
  3. Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  4. What does your picture say?(:

    1. x.Tori.x


      A friend would call you a retard, but a best friend would call you one and act like one with you. (:

  5. i dont know but do you own a bismarck

  6. who are you im so cONFUSED SCREMAS

  7. I can help you find a knitting class.

  8. I'm already pink...but once this color wears off i'll consider switching to gold.

  9. Does sugar really go "rawr"?