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  1. Brittygotchi, I'm so glad that you found a P in the end! I love the yellow ones, I think that if I ever get a P I will buy one like this.
  2. The christmas tree and the sleigh animation are normal, and so is the exclamation mark. Every Tama-Go does that, other versions have special seasonal animations as well, as you probably now. I have a Kuromametchi on my Tama-Go too, by the way!
  3. Got my Japanese Angelgotch (the condition it's in is actually perfect, with no scratches or anything), finally!
  4. The parents usually stay for twenty-four hours.
  5. As far as I know old-timers can die. I'm not sure at what age exactly, though.
  6. Have you guys seen this yet? (I apologize if this has already been posted).
  7. When I tried logging on onto TamaTown this morning, I have already noticed some changes. Unfortunately, I can't understand Portuguese...
  8. Oops! I don't have Facebook so I didn't know, sorry.
  9. I have recently found a picture of how the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. clothes are supposed to look like... like I said before, I don't really like them (I prefer pastel colours to bright and dark ones).
  10. I think that an Advent calendar is a lovely idea; I would totally buy one.
  11. My dream Tamagotchi is the Yellow/Black P2! It used to be a Japanese Angelgotch, but luckily I found the exact one I wanted on eBay, I'm just waiting for it to be despatched.
  12. I got my first Version 3 from either Woolworths, or Argos. It was one of the Tamagotchis in my collection which got stolen though, and I have recently bought a new one from a website called Gumtree (it's basically a website where people post adverts when they're selling different stuff, to be honest I was quite surprised to find Tamagotchis there!). If you want to buy one now, I recommend eBay, I have seen quite a lot of them there lately.
  13. I currently have a Kikitchi on my blue TamaGo. EDIT: I bought some batteries today and now I also have a Hitodetchi on my Version 6/Music Star, and a Sakuramotchi, Mattaritchi and Belltchi on my Version 5/Familitchi.