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  1. I got both colors for the dream mix!

    1. Tamadonut
    2. wingsofjudas


      Sweet! I told myself I'd stick with the anniversary and Sanrio but I'm really eyeing the Dreams... How do you like them?

  2. I'm currently taking my last class for college and then I graduate!!!

    1. Tamadonut
    2. Tamacass


      Whoooo! That must be really exciting! :D

  3. I stream therefore, I am It’s streaming time! https://picarto.tv/YamikoHeba

  4. I'm taking drawing requests

  5. Thank you to who all that came. heymytamagotchijustbeeped on tumblr I hope you like your new profile picture.

  6. I stream therefore, I am It’s streaming time! https://picarto.tv/YamikoHeba

  7. Help! I'm trapped in a bubble!
  8. My sanrio mix arrived today on my birthday!

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    2. rjalda100


      That's awesome! Happy birthday!!

    3. complete_tama_fanatic


      Cool beans! Enjoy your M!X, and have a Happy Birthday too!

    4. Hapihapitchi


      Happy birthday you lucky duck!

  9. I'm almost done with school! I just need to tackle my finals and get done with them!!!!!!

    1. asmexus


      Good luck you can do it!!

  10. I'm going to have to drop out of the easter hatch. I don't have the time to do it with my finals

  11. I went to the doctor today. He gave me a shot. In my hip.

  12. If I don't have any college classes in the summer do you think I should do a log?

  13. man. I want an uratama soooo... badly