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  1. oh GOD i havent been on here in ages

    1. ShinkoNet


      5 years have passed, dang

    2. QueenRita


      oof, wowie. Hi!

  2. So about a month ago I sent an email to Madman Australia regarding the movie Tamagotchi Movie: The Happiest Story in the Universe. I guess we won't be having an official dub by them, (they were the ones who first dubbed the first movie into english) so unless some other company aquires it (which is not likely, considering the date the movie was made) we need to do a fansub/dub. Hi [REDACTED], Thank you for your enquiry. There are no plans to acquire the second film nor dub it as it is a very expensive task to do so Thank you for your understanding Regards, Madman Entertainment -----Original Message----- From: [REDACTED] Sent: Monday, 9 June 2014 10:50 AM To: Madman Reception Subject: Tamagotchi Movie 2: Happiest story in the Universe Hi Madman Entertainment, Will you ever be dubbing the Tamagotchi Movie 2? I am a fan of the first one and I was wondering if you would ever sub/dub the sequel. Right now I am trying to watch the Japanese version of it but since Japanese isn't my language I have a hard time keeping up. Thanks, [REDACTED] Malfoy Edit: Removed personal info from "Original Message"
  3. My Tama-Go just evolved into a Mametchi. It's too easy to get Perfect Care tamas nowadays

    1. abokado


      my first one when I played again was Mametchi as well.. though I did a pretty good job. :P

  4. Just found my long lost v5.5!

  5. What really annoys me is that I just found my v5, v5.5, v6 and Tama-Go (which I lost for ages, years ago) and now I can't go onto tamatown and go and play and earn instruments or Gotchi point D: When Tamagotchi L.I.F.E or Colour or iDs come around in English I hope that will have a tamatown, or any online tamagotchi things! It nearly as bad as Hasbro announcing EqG in cinemas! I am really really sad now EDIT: I just realised that Tamagotchi L.I.F.E is an app and it has already released. DERP
  6. Yeah. I think they would replace the Portuguese one soon. They did it to the Spanish one, so they should put the Portuguese one up soon
  7. Or even better, get a v5.5! (The v5's were recalled because they were faulty)
  8. Good! The v3 was the first tamagotchi connexion I had, its a LOT like the old ones, but it has some cherries sprinkled on top. Good Choice.
  9. Anyone here? (Sorry for double posting) BUMP I will add Part 2 of this movie soon to my signature See you soon!
  10. R.I.P TamaTown. I feel sad for my Tama Go which never ever had access to it. Oh well. Wait! I Shouldn't despair!!!!! said that they (and we too) should look forward to upcoming news on tamatown! This could mean that they are going to release some sort of new tamagotchi thing in the upcoming year! I mean, they wouldn't say that for nothing, right? EDIT: Oh, and I just noticed this too, actually has an english button which redirects to the thank you note. My theory was wrong That tamatown with the boat ride game which I thought was a stand in for repairs, was actually tamatown itself! It has been really messed up in the past months I was going to post pics, but the site itself is self-explanatory
  11. Funny. I cant seem to edit my first post... (TamaMum or someone, can you please help me out!) So I'll put my edits here. Ok, so I finally found the JAPANESE Front cover of this movie, front and back. Thanks to Tamagotchi Wikia for this. Do you like it? It looks similar to the american version, except its in japanese Ok, Here is the title screen that you go on to to play the movie. When I got it and showed this to my class at school on "Movie Night", it was a little embarrassing, so I kept myself anonymous. Anyways, here is the theme song music: Download Link: http://www.mediafire...biu80bjj18hpdgg DOWNLOAD DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything in the music. I am not part of Bandai so you can only keep the mp3 for 30 days without infringing copyright. Thank You. ShinkoNet again. I have uploaded EXCLUSIVE Pictures of the tamagotchi movie so here they are. (Minor Spoilers) Thats it for now. See you guys later.
  12. The SECOND MOVIE!?!?!? ...Cartoon Network AU/NZ never plays anime movies
  13. Ok, ShinkoNet Here. Yes, the packaging and scans is very rare, and the movie itself is rare in Australia. (I have only seen the ones that were on the shelves in Game-traders, and that store closed down years ago). When they were advertising the v5, the front cover of this movie was featured. It seems that Australia must've got the DVD first as you guys are saying it came with the v6. This may mean that I have the first English dubbed edition of this movie! When I put this up on YouTube a few years back (before they deleted it, you can get the links in the archives of TamaTalk) someone who commented said the theme song was slightly faster than the american version. I will edit the thread to put the theme song in now so you guys can see it. (It sounds WAY different than the Japanese version)