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  1. 2B1E674B

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    2. Retrotamagotchi


      What? Is this a rebus?

    3. AnonBaiter


      Seems like an hash number to me.

    4. ForgottenUsernames


      What are these cryptic runes anyway?

  2. I haven't been in here for two years! woah

    1. tamaninjacat
    2. RubyLullaby


      Wooow,welcome back:3

  3. Tomos are complicated beings living in a complicated egg shaped world
  4. Technically it doesn't "replace" it because it's the same character. "Replace" would be more appropriate when a sad tomo is overwritten with a happy tomo. let's say your Gen 1 mametchi left for some reason, and your gen7 mametchi lived happily ever after. The Gen1 record will be replaced by the gen7 record
  5. 1. You'll be able to unlock all the built in travel destinations, and still get new tomos to hatch. Tomos can be repeated, depending on your care miss calculations. 2. Yes you may still get the same tomo even if it ran away the first time you got that tomo. In the notebook, a tomo that ran away is shown in tears. You need to get this tomo again to obtain a happy tomo. 3. No, there will be only one tomo in the notebook regardless of how many times you got it.
  6. A care miss happens when you neglect the calling of your tama. To be able to obtain a specific tomo you want, you need to intentionally neglect it. The charts tell how many times a tomo needs to get care misses.
  7. it's like final destination or saw for kids genius
  8. Are Japanese and English iDL growth charts different?

    1. Orandatchi
    2. Mamapatchi


      Nope. But the Happy Seals are slightly different, I think...

    3. Midorime


      nope, exactly the same

  9. I noticed it's consuming so much battery life. It's 4th on battery usage stat
  10. mjyuma211 from Youtube painted his iDL.. Literally painted it. Check out his youtube vids. Edit: I noticed he also painted his P's..
  11. That should work if you do it right. IR capable phones are so much easier to use imo
  12. Just downloaded the Tamagotchi app for Android! :3