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  1. I have a TamaGo (which I love) and I have 7 figures for it. One, Memetchi, I just cannot figure out. I go to her shop, bought a "top" and tried to have my Lovelitchi put it on, but she did this thing where she'd face me, turn away, face me, turn away, etc. This happened literally 5 times before I gave up. Am I missing something? I feel like i'm overlooking something obvious. PS- if anyone wants to see a picture of her, i'd be willing to post. she's SO cute.
  2. I think if I really enjoy it i'm going to buy that value-pack of the attachable characters. You get 6 of them for like $14.95.
  3. Alright. Thanks everyone for the replies. c: I'm really excited to get it. I think if I like it, but want more, i'll get the iD L.
  4. So, the other day, my friends and I were talking in school about how much we missed Tamagotchi's. We were all under the impression that they were no longer sold. However, I did some research and found that the most recent one in America (I think..) is the Tama-Go, wave 2. So I purchased one from Amazon (the pink Kuchipatchi one) and I'm now waiting for it to arrive, hopefully next weekend. I got it for $8 including shipping c: But after I ordered it I was doing some research on how to care for tamagotchi's, as I haven't touched one since probably fourth grade. I read some.. negative.. reviews on the Tama-Go. However, I also read some positive ones. So I guess my question is, was it a mistake to buy this Tama-Go? Or will I be satisfied? Please consider that i'm not a collector, or some kind of tamagotchi master. I merely just remembered them, saw a cheap one, and bought it for the heck of it. I think if I really enjoy this and want to expand, i'm going to buy the English iD L from Bandai HK. Not too sure though.
  5. Hi, new to Tamatalk here. I'm thinking of buying an iD L when I have the money, but the link that was posted from the taobao doesn't seem to have an option to buy it. Google chrome translated it for me, and I'm assuming "this baby shelves" means it's out of stock.. the original text is 此宝贝已下架 if anyone knows chinese. So I browsed taobao for another seller and I found one, and I wanted to know if anyone has any input on them. Here you go: http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=9317703765 Let me know C: