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  1. That is exactly what it is back when they were really popular they came out with weird editions of the VMU and one of them being the Godzilla edition. It came with a Godzilla mini game on it and you can gather different characters to use to fight.
  2. So I haven't been posting much of the photos from my "mail calls," but I have received a TON of new pets! If you're part of the FB group T-A then you have seen most of my posts haha. Finally got me a blue shelled Mothra! Here is a photo of my 4U strap. I switched the "gothic" chain with the normal purple chained ver. I also added deco dots, a bow, and a Sentimental Circus sticker to it! The Ocean I already had, but I finally got me a MAGICAL WITCHES AND DEVIL!!!!!!!
  3. Whenever my Devil comes in I will take a photo of that, my shell cases, my mothras, and my angel together so I don't spam the forum haha!
  4. Haven't been on here in a while...

    1. ~DreamButterfly~


      I have no idea who you are but hi

    2. *Hayden*
    3. Nazotchi25


      Welcome back then :)

  5. Does anyone know where you can still reserve the Tama 4Us? T-T I missed HLJ's preorder run x_x Any help would be much appreciated! :3
  6. Has anyone played with this pet? I want to know if it is fun before I purchase one X_x Wanted to get feedback first.
  7. No pics yet, but my brand new Uratama came in! Yay! My first one :3
  8. Haven't been on in a while! Was able to snag an old VR I had as a kid, but lost. It's finally mine again! <3 Also was able to get some games haha
  9. Anyone selling their White P's? :3c

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      Please post a tBay topic.

  10. Now I just need Pokemon Mini games! >_