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  1. If you can't use the app, I wouldn't recommend it. I'd rather get a Tamagotchi P's. This one's fun even if you don't have an infrared device, due to the different pins you can attach to it that contain games and stuff.
  2. I like the Santa best, because the idea of the game is just so unique compared to practically any other version. And I love the shell designs :-)
  3. No, it doesn't have an actual thermometer You control it manually.
  4. That's what I thought - disturbing Don't want to participate either...
  5. If I remember correctly the maximum amount is 2012 Gotchi Points I translated the file names into English as well. Didn't really like the bilingual menu It's a quick reaction game. Press the A button when Kuchipatchi picks a purple mushroom, and B when he picks a red one.
  6. My regular ID does this a lot, and I never carry it around with me...