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  1. Hi guys, It`s me Bowser,and my tama just evolved after getting accepted into preschool. He`s a Hintotamatchi. Just perfect,if I am going to get Kutchipatchi. I let his hapiness drop to 0 about 3 times. 3 times= 3 care mistakes=bad cared charcter. Please read! Important if read the first post! He is not the second generation! He is the first generation! Sorry for the trouble! Super: Look at me. I`m red! I`m i`m Hintotamatchi! Me: Woohoo! Super: Now what? Me: Now we wait to meet your band! Super: Yay! Stats: Age: 1 Gerneration: 1 Weight:25 lbs Star ranking: None Genere: Hip hop Tone: 30 Rhythm: 10 Orignal: 358 Recent Occurences: Evolving into a teen Future Occurences: Meeting band members
  2. I need to know when my tamagotchi wakes up. I notcied my sister`s tama was waking up at 6:30 am today. I want to know when tamas wake up. Is there a list of tamagotchi music star characters with their wake up times?
  3. Hello everyone, this is my first tama log. My dad just found my tamagotchi music star which is the " Feel the beat" design. I had a boy petitchi, which evolved into a Kutchitamaitchi. I want him to grow up to be Kutchipatchi. He went to sleep at around 6:40 pm. The sound is a bit diffrent, compared to my big sisters tamagotchi, who is lala0629. I named him Super. Me: Woohoo! My dad found my tama! *Quickly unpauses it* Super: *Giggles* Me: Woohoo! You evolved into Kutchitamaitchi! Super: I am going to bed. Goodnight. Stats: Age: 0 Gerneration: 2 Weight: 15 lbs Star ranking: None Genere: Hip hop Tone:15 Rhythm: 1 Orignal: 30 Recent Occurences: Evolving into a child Future Occurences: Evolving into a teen