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    -Tamagotchi: V4, V6 (Music Star)
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    V4, Music Star
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    Ichigotchi, Kuchipatchi, Mametchi <3
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    V6 Music Star
  1. What do you call a witch that twitches?

  2. AHAHA hey guys!! I finally have my IDL, it came in the mail today, im soooo excited!! xD

    1. Moussette


      congratulations !

  3. woooww... havnt been on for agesss..

  4. hmm...or should I get a yellow IDL?

  5. Arrgghh... I've been waiting forever for the seller to relist the purple IDL-e :(

    1. ciara683


      then message the seller. not everyone relists items, if it doesnt sell the first time we're more inclinded to keep it until demand and value go up.


    2. ~TamaReiko~


      nahh i contact the seller he hasn't responded to me yet, thnx btw


  6. moshi monsters are taking over the world -_-

  7. lol yayy..my cousin gonna give me all her tamago figures AND her Tamago!! :D

  8. I shut my tama down for like a day, and I cant believe I feel so lonely without it :( its like losing a friend..

  9. OMG soooo hot today -_-. went to the beach and LOL, got my feet sun burnt :P

  10. I'm now hearing all the crackin fireworks, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!! :D

    1. It`s Teri

      It`s Teri

      here people were setting off all their fireworks BEFORE new years like they started setting them off at like 9pm and they stopped definitely before midnight idk I guess they ran out

  11. What color IDL do YOU have? ;)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Midorime


      green and white, though seeing if i can get a blue, either buying one or trading my white

    3. Neon Pegasus
    4. Dayberry
  12. aww dam, the purple tamaIDL-e was sold :(

    1. tamagirl1017


      awww... im sorry to here that :( hope you find a new one :) btw i really like you pic, what anime is it from? ( or is it just a random pic ?) ~melody~

  13. *sigh* I've been waiting FOREVER to buy my IDL-e, how to make instant cash besides selling stuff and waiting a week to get money? haha, yea im a little impatient. :P

    1. KeroPyontchi


      Try helping around the house, like washing dishes, ect. for like $5 a chore. Or, you can always... STEAL YOUR PARENTS MONEY!!! Lol JK. But yeah, try chores :)


      -KeroPyontchi (call me Kero ;) )

    2. ~TamaReiko~


      yea thnx Kero, I realized how lazy i was in the house and you reminded me thnx ;)