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    You can normally find me at my house playing video games and drawing. Music is an addiction that I can never curb. I listen to alot of heavy metal to rock. I sometimes dab in other genre's but... yeah... I like drawing pictures for others, and if you are interested, feel free to send me a message.

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  1. I bought a tama p and it came broken in the mail because they put a tama p in the box inside and envelope.... Who the heck does that?

  2. I always thought the Gold plate was rare. I know they made a collectors edition of the p1 that is also hard to come by as well.
  3. Ok, so after i went around the house gathering supplies for surgery, I got it to work. I was already pro at taking tamagotchis apart because i like to know what i am dealing with. I didnt think about cleaning the rubber button inserts which was talked about. After grabbing some fine q tips (like the nice ones from the doctors, not the dual tip you can buy at grocery stores) and cleaning and drying my hands, i cleaned the circuit board and everything inside the tamagotchi. It now works. Thank you for all the help. Its been a long time sense i opened up a tamagotchi for routine maintenance. So my opinion on what to do if your tama stops cooperating is... Reset And/ or Battery rotation If that doesnt work..... Wash and dry hands ::gloves optional:: Fine tip q tips Rubbing alcohol CORRECT screw driver ( dont wanna warp screws ) Clean board softly Clean rubber button insert Clean screen ( optional taking screen apart but not necesary ) Place back together in correct order.... Insert batteries Reset But as a side not, not apply rubbing alcohol to board or screen. ONLY RUBBER BUTTON INSERT. Also make sure to completely dry the insides of the button insert/reset. If not done correctly, you could end up with a dead tama. Again thank you everyone for reminding me of these what to dos!!!
  4. I will try that now. I will repost results in a few minutes. SURE HOPES THIS WORKS!? Lol
  5. I replaced the old batteries with brand new ones, reset the tama, and hit b... No response. I tried resetting again and hitting b to set time and the buttons are unresponsive. The ship keeps shifting left and right as per normal but nothing is happening.
  6. Trying to fix my angelgotchi!? Check out my new post if you got any info i need help

  7. Thats the thing though, i did but it doesnt respond :/ i will try again for at least trying but its weird.
  8. You are all banned for posting in this discussion
  9. So i decided to start the angelgotchi back up and upon pushing the reset it still gave me the spaceship. So i took the batteries out and put them back in and still a spaceship. Rense and repeat for pushing the restart button and nothing. Im debating on what to do now. Its been a minute sense i ran an angelgotch. Any tips?
  10. Just got done buying my new tamas! Gonna update my profile now!

  11. Idl seems decently needy. Cool part is you can use a irda usb and custom the heck outta it. But if you wanna go bang for your buck expense... Go for a 1997 tama. Always needing something lol.
  12. I want one of all the series. I currently own... Idl (eng) blue and yellow Santaclachi Im currently bidding and heavy invested in rebuying my g1 (same shell design sense i lost it a few years back) And some other collector specific anniversary tamas. Im very interested in the devil but dear god how expensive those things can get.. I will settle with an angel I am about to win lol.
  13. I currently have 2 on the way to me. When i get them in the mail i will post more, but i agree with these guys. Wait and see if thats what you want to do. These lil guys arent cheap lol. Be a shame if you did something you might regret. But i love tamagotchi, so to each their own!