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    Photography, studying Japanese and Chinese, playing the violin, walking and sleeping. Oh and I have a fascination for the Pokémon Wailmer. It's so cute and round.

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    Tama Go
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    Tamagotchi Nano: Lovelytchi, Tama Go: Lovelytchi

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  1. I got a letter in the mail today telling me I made it into the Photography school. I am so happy now!

  2. You know it's too early when you wake up before your tama does.

  3. Playing the Sims 3.. entertaining.

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    2. Jhud


      all i do in TS3 is homestuck shipping... im a terrible simmer.

    3. Ainanas


      I have all the expensionpacks and I download a lot of patches too for my Sims such has other haircuts.

      I am a lazy simmer as well.. I spend a lot of time in creating a sim and a house so once I'm good to play I get bored of it XD

    4. SugaryGoesRAWR
  4. I wish my tama could go to the datingplace faster. I really don't like this character.

    1. bluegreen


      I feel your pain, it happened all the time on my v5.5

  5. can a teen be potty trained too on the Tama Go? Because I filled the training bar but I still see poop on the ground -__-

    1. Orandatchi


      Only when its an adult, itll go to the potty randomly, but still takes dumps on the floor ;_;

    2. Ainanas


      okay.. tama's will always be lazy I guess xD

  6. Looking for camera objectives but I can't afford a single one of them T__T

  7. Spamming my deviantART with new winter pictures

  8. I'm actually setting the alarm on my phone so I can catch my tama do the wiggle dance to potty train it...

  9. I nailed the interview. I will most centainly study there in September

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    2. tamatown123
    3. Ainanas


      Thanks ^^ In 10 days the school will inform me about it and I will know for sure

    4. OldSchoolTama


      Yay! That's wonderful! :)

  10. Tomorrow is my admission interview at the Photography academy.

  11. So my Lovelytchi married Wooltchi today

  12. Do you think it's really necessary to have the English version of the ID L?

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    2. Ainanas


      I can imagine. Very soon you will recognize the characters anyway and learn what they do and mean :P

    3. tamagotchialice


      I dont really think it is necessary unless you dont want to sit around figuring out how to translate it and be on the computer every second to look for translations...Im getting and English iDL, even thought I can read hiragana and SOME katakana, but I just want it to be easier :D

    4. Ainanas


      It sure is easier.. but I dunno yet.. Having the Japanese one is cool too :3

  13. I still want a Watawatatchi on my Tamagotchi Nano but I am still clueless.

    1. tamagotchialice

      tamagotchialice still dont have it? o.O I thought you would by now....have you tried playing nothing but games and keeping it hungry only 1 heart full? I dont know if it will work, just a guess lol xD

    2. Ainanas


      If you play only games you will get Melodytchi.. The Nano shouldn't be this complicated xD If you try to fill only one heart I almost everytime end up with Moiriritchi and with a good care I always get Lovelytchi.

  14. Pokemon X and Y .. what kind of pokemon did they come up with now? Flying hamburgers? Sorry guys but Pokemon is dead since Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

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    2. Midorime
    3. '/={3


      Older generation pokemon were based off of eggs, magnets, pokeballs, balls of mud, and weeds. each generation has their flaws. I love all genereations equally, as all true pokemon fans do.

    4. '/={3


      Older generation pokemon were based off of eggs, magnets, pokeballs, balls of mud, and weeds. each generation has their flaws. I love all genereations equally, as all true pokemon fans do.

  15. yay I have a Lovelitchi on ny Tama Go on the first try. So cute