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  1. bandai's going WAYYYYY too far... and I already saw this in a different topic
  2. i voted *really didnt bother me* because... like zilla and rockin' robotchi said... everyone still loves tamas and it will help stop spamming, a little bit *hehe* i can see that everyone is voting for love it or really doesn't bother me! THATS GREAT!
  3. wen u connect wit v2 u hav 2 choose v1 to connect! hope this helped!
  4. *GREAT***, lol. soo many guides!!!
  5. HOORAY!!! i knew you'd become a REAT tamaguide one day!!!! Any *extra* tips???
  6. oh, cool!!! have fun rockin' robotchi! i hope you see this topic!!!
  7. can this topic be moved tamaguides??? plz move it 2 wat's on ur mind!
  8. i looked it up before going on tamatalk and i went on gamewinners.com!!!
  9. they're talkin about the tamagotchi v2, it has a shop and new characters, it willbe a kid wen it turns into a star
  10. lol, its lik u've started a new trend
  11. Hey, why does everyone call this guy robotchi? it's real name is androtchi! Or is it just me... I'll add a poll to see who REALLY calls him robotchi!
  12. well, if u get 3, u get in-skool detention!!!
  13. well... today i got a minus after switching class. I forgot to bring in my math addition sheet when i switched beacause it was in my homeroom. Well.. should i act like a teacher's pet and give her something to forgive me, or should i just leave it alone? i'll go with whatever after 25 votes, and if other seems to come up, i'll choose ONLY 1.
  14. GET WELL SOON!!!!!! hope you feel better:furawatchi:
  15. it didn't come out da way i wanted...