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  1. tamaQT2410


    bandai's going WAYYYYY too far... and I already saw this in a different topic
  2. tamaQT2410

    User Ranks......

    i voted *really didnt bother me* because... like zilla and rockin' robotchi said... everyone still loves tamas and it will help stop spamming, a little bit *hehe* i can see that everyone is voting for love it or really doesn't bother me! THATS GREAT!
  3. tamaQT2410

    The Connecting Problem

    wen u connect wit v2 u hav 2 choose v1 to connect! hope this helped!
  4. tamaQT2410

    New TamaTalk Guide!

    *GREAT***, lol. soo many guides!!!
  5. tamaQT2410

    New TamaTalk Guide!

    HOORAY!!! i knew you'd become a REAT tamaguide one day!!!! Any *extra* tips???
  6. tamaQT2410

    New TamaTalk Guide!

    oh, cool!!! have fun rockin' robotchi! i hope you see this topic!!!
  7. tamaQT2410

    How Old Are You?

    can this topic be moved tamaguides??? plz move it 2 wat's on ur mind!
  8. tamaQT2410


    i looked it up before going on tamatalk and i went on gamewinners.com!!!
  9. tamaQT2410

    Tamagotchi star?

    they're talkin about the tamagotchi v2, it has a shop and new characters, it willbe a kid wen it turns into a star
  10. tamaQT2410


    lol, its lik u've started a new trend
  11. tamaQT2410


    Hey, why does everyone call this guy robotchi? it's real name is androtchi! Or is it just me... I'll add a poll to see who REALLY calls him robotchi!
  12. tamaQT2410

    I need help...

    well, if u get 3, u get in-skool detention!!!
  13. tamaQT2410

    I need help...

    well... today i got a minus after switching class. I forgot to bring in my math addition sheet when i switched beacause it was in my homeroom. Well.. should i act like a teacher's pet and give her something to forgive me, or should i just leave it alone? i'll go with whatever after 25 votes, and if other seems to come up, i'll choose ONLY 1.
  14. tamaQT2410

    I'm sick...

    GET WELL SOON!!!!!! hope you feel better:furawatchi:
  15. tamaQT2410


    it didn't come out da way i wanted...