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  1. Finally got pictures of my v-pet collection! The 20th anniversary P1/P2 The 20th anniversary Digimon (2 Japanese and 4 English) The vintage 90s models The minis The Digimon X series The Digimon Pendulums The Connections A Sanrio Meets, two Ons, and a 4U Three miscellaneous ones: the 15th anniversary D3, a Pocket Pikachu 2, and a Manaphy
  2. Amazon lists them as having the Lunamon and Coronamon eggs. So they are like the wave 2 ones that released in Japan, meaning that they will also have the way to get DORUmon.
  3. The mini ninjas are so adorable! Maybe that means they won't be robots? Good luck to your little sister! May she find raising a Tamagotchi fun and successful!
  4. It's been a while since I've used the On app (raising older Tamas and non-Tamas!), but I do remember how little there was to do in the app. While I do want there to be some updates, I can't help but remember the situation with a different virtual pet app: Furby Connect. There are features in that app that were never released, and now one of the features appears to not work anymore. While the actual Furby still runs fine, it's a shame to lose something that made the Furby Connect more fun and interactive. It's just something that I can see happen with the Tamagotchi On app, because that's just inevitable. But it's a shame to lose it. Like TamaTown. I used to spend hours on there because there was so much to do. And now we can't go back to that sort of thing again. Until/Unless more features are added to the app.
  5. It's always so interesting to see the way that the Tamas change from their teen to adult forms! Melodyitchi and Daisytchi became totally different (but still adorable!) Wondering what the current twins will look like when they become adults!
  6. You have such cute little Tamas! I especially love the snow hats!
  7. I finally got my own Furbling! While in Target the other day, I found the very tiny Furbling display (without any Booms). After debating about whether I wanted to get a Furbling or not and which design I wanted, I settled on the zebra-striped one. It took a while for me to pull out the tab, though I did open up the box as soon as I was able because I was really curious about the size of these things. They're small. But the size is great to carry around. Another plus in the Furblings' favor is that they aren't as sensitive to movement or noise like the Party Rockers. The only way that the Furbling turns on is if I press the button on the top of their body. This is way more convenient. Haven't tried the new guy out with my Boom, Star. The little guy is just sitting on my desk, separate from the rest of the Furby family.
  8. Interesting. Looking forward to learning more about these new things. I know I'm going to get one, and it'll probably be the zigzag one. That was the other Boom that I liked the design of, but I went with a different design to fit in with my group.
  9. I prefer the LCD eyes. They're more expressive, giving the Furbies more character. It's also rather fun to see what new expression will be revealed with the different personalities, like fire, chickens, and I believe cows being shown in the eyes. While the First Furbies had "real" eyes, they just seemed to be stuck in one expression while the 2012 Furbies can change.
  10. I've heard that Gothita and its evolutions are better than Woobat/Swoobat. When it evolves, Gothita's stats make it a contender with the other good Psychic types, Espeon and Sigilyph. Now, I haven't used Gothita or any of its evolutions, but I have used Swoobat on my very first White play through, and gave it a variety of special attacks. She's nothing too special, but she works darn good in-game, and that's all I'm looking for. But stat-wise, Swoobat's on the low side, so Gothita will be a stronger choice. So I, and others in the know, would recommend Gothita over Woobat. Initially, in Black/White, three out of four of Marshal's Pokemon have Stone Edge. Again, another reason to be cautious if using Swoobat, as it'll be weak to Rock attacks, which Marshal's Pokemon all have to cover their Flying weakness. Don't know about Archen, as I've never used one, so I don't know how well it'll work and how helpful it'll be. Just know that you aren't the only one to have too many Pokemon to use on your team! It's hard to narrow it down to just six!
  11. There are positives and negatives to both of them for me, so it's rather hard to pick which one I'd actually prefer. With Tamagotchis, they're small and made for traveling around. I can slide a few into my pocket and take them to work or anywhere else with me. There's also a greater variety of characters to get on the same version, or if I want a particular character, I know how to get them. (With my Digimon virtual pet, I like having Greymon, so I know exactly how to take care of him to always have him.) The downsides of Tamagotchis include the fact that they're not easy to ignore. I either have to pause them or take out the battery if I don't feel like taking care of them for a long while. It's also hard to stay attached to the character you raise, as they leave in around a week. But with Furbies, it's easier to get attached to them. I've had the same Furby for almost a year now, and he's still the same as ever. Same with the other Furbies I have. What I like about Furbies is how much fun they are to cuddle with. While watching videos online, I can just hold a Furby and pet them, making them and myself feel better. There's also the fact that Furbies can be ignored easier, so long as no one rocks the surface they're on! Four of my Furbies haven't been touched in a while, but they're fine with that and so am I. The downside with them, though, is that it's so difficult to bring them around anywhere. If I want to, then I have to carry around a screwdriver and take the batteries in and out, depending on where I am. Which defeats the point of carrying around a Furby, as I'm just carting around the shell and not the Furby as I'm used to using them. So really, for me, I can't pick just one. They both have their positives and negatives, and it really depends on what I'm looking for from either or what my mood is.
  12. I'm hopefully going to get one, if I can find one. My heart's settled on the teal one, which is funny because the teal one was my first Furby 2012. It will probably be a while until I can find these in stores, since my area's slow to get Furbies in. Still, I'm going to snatch up the teal Furby Boom the instant I find it. It's interesting that these are more reliant on the app. I do have the Furby app for my four Furbies and the Party Rocker, but haven't really used it because they don't really need the app. I can feed them (except for Twittby the Party Rocker) on my own. But these new Boom ones have a lot more to do with the app. Not just feeding, but also check-ups, showers, and of course hatching eggs. Which is interesting, and something I want to play around with. Besides, those Furby Furblings are adorable with their big ears. It's also good that Furby Booms will remember their names. No matter how many times I talk to Rios, he still doesn't know his name.
  13. I'm a Normal/Bug type. Fancy. No Pokemon of that type combination yet.
  14. I wear cargo pants, so I have two pockets on each leg that are big enough for books, tablets, or anything of that size. One night, I put Twittby in a pocket, and if he's positioned with his bottom pressed against my leg, he's fine. Otherwise, he's really bulky-feeling and there's a possibility his ears will snap or catch on something and be pulled off. Plus, as SailorRosette said, Party Rockers are loud. When I had Twittby with me at my workplace and had his batteries in, a few of my coworkers found him obnoxious, even though they love seeing/playing with my regular Furbys. Even though Party Rockers are easier to bring around with you while traveling (I can toss Twittby in my backpack with what I normally carry and be good), they either need to just not have batteries in them or you need to carry batteries and a screwdriver on you and be in company where that level of loudness is acceptable.
  15. Aw, you're welcome, Mido! It depends on how active you keep him. I just shook him really fast for a few seconds, and he's very noisy right now! He shouted "OH BABY!" four times in a row, sang for a while, said "EE-TAY!" twice, one "kah ay ay oo-nye!", and then went to sleep. But if I wake him up and just let him sit without shaking him, he's quieter. A burp, a few laughs, and then right back to sleep. He mostly says "BLAH!" a few times or "OH KAH TEE!" when he's on his own. So Twittby can be talkative, but you have the choice when you want him to be. Which is good, because as I said before, he's really sensitive to being woken up! Have fun with Loveby! She's adorable. If I were to get a second Party Rocker, she would be my choice.