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  1. Have you guys ever had Jamda Juice? I have one right now SO GOOD!

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    2. Icecreamluv


      Oops Sorry Spelled Jamba wrong.. :(


    3. Midorime


      I've had Juice It Up before which i guess is a competitor, and I liked that

    4. Dayberry


      Meh It's ok xD I don't usually care about spelling errors that much anyway :P


  2. What! Whats wrong with tamatown! it wont even let me login! I wonder if they are upgrading it? See for yourself!

    1. Icecreamluv


      I know right!?!!?!? Last time I was on it only let me on that kutchipatchi game in portugues, And now it say my connections lost! Whats going on!


    2. tamagotchialice
  3. Admin can i be approved for chat? Thanks

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    2. tamatown123


      @TamaReiko - Make a Topic in the "TamaCHAT! Requests for Access." Forum :)

    3. ~TamaReiko~
    4. Icecreamluv