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  1. In Profile:- Page 1:- For Hobby (Line 4), How do I write in Japanese for Reading, Watching, Riding, Coin Collection Can anyone give a list of what hobbies I can write in my Tamagotchi P in Japanese? Page 2:- For Favorite School Subject (Line 3), how do I write in Japanese for Math, Science, Computer, English? Can anyone give a list of what school subjects I can write in my Tamagotchi P in Japanese? Please help.
  2. Thanks. Next question to it within "Tama Remodel Shop" is: - In Tama Remodeling Shop, there's 5 Department Sections. Each Sections have different Remodeled Room Showcases with their names in Japanese underneath it. I want to know if anyone can translate them all in English?
  3. Forget it. For (A) and (D), link is - http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=25950&st=150&&do=findComment&comment=22076049 For (E), link is - http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=25950&view=findpost&p=22075060 For ( B ) link is - http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=25950&view=findpost&p=22074982 Can anyone give me English translation of each 5 Rooms in Remodeling Shop?
  4. Can anyone give me English translation of each (A) Food (In Restaurant and in Kitchen) ( B ) Paint Shop Options ( C ) Remodeling Shop (Each of it's 5 Sections of it's rooms), All of them (D) Items (in General Store) (E) Daycare Center Options (F) 2 Arcade Games
  5. Forget it, I found a link to help me. It's http://tama-zone.com/index.php?showtopic=25950&st=120&&do=findComment&comment=22075748
  6. Can anyone give translations (English to Japanese) in the profile Menu:- 1) Gender - Male 2) Zodiac - Scorpion 3) Hobby / Sports - Reading / Writing / Basketball I tried using "Google Translator" and I can't find it's letters to input them into my "Tamagotchi P" Blue.
  7. Is there others ways to make Tamas move to / explore / walking into other 4 rooms and move around certain rooms besides the living room: - 1) Without using Cleaning utilities (Brush, Mop and Vacuum) 2) Going to kitchen for eating 3) Going to bed for Sleeping 4) Going to toilet and bathroom for private business. Currently it's gets boring to see my tama moving around and staying in 1 of 5 rooms that he has in his big house all day. Exploring outside is no fun except playing with it's pet..
  8. I noticed everyday. from :- 1) 7:00 AM to 3:59 PM is morning 2) 4:00 PM to 6:59 PM is Sunset 3) 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM or till 6:59 AM is Night Does the variation of day / night cycle change like in real world or is the timing of day / night cycle same throughout the year? Is there any other Night animation or is it the same animation every night with star twinkling in it's same position?
  9. 1) After how many minutes does Friendship meter deplete per 1%? 2) What's the fastest way to refill the Friendship back to 100%? 3) Does Friendship Meter play a role in Doughnut Park and Matchmaking House?
  10. 1) Since 1st March, there a mystery Red Box with 2 Dolls on it which appeared on the bottom left screen, what is it? 2) What Japanese Event is happening with the mystery Box appearing on screen? 3) Why isn't my Tama interacting with the Red Mystery Box? 4) Why isn't this event occurring in Donuts Park which isn't decorated by this event?
  11. From those 2 comparison Doughnut Park pictures, is true. I seen it. But as I said before, weathers have no affect on Doughnut Park and Town. At Night, besides the sky, 1) Prior to what Real World, The playground and it's area around it should be darkened with Black, Blue, Purple. There should Park's Lamp Post light be seen to light the area of the playground. But there aren't any Lamp Post there 2) Same as for the Town while Tamas walks to their destination.
  12. Are their any unique weathers for Tamagotchi ID L? Are their any downloadable Weathers for ID L? Weathers I seen so far are:- 1) Clear Sky Morning / Afternoon / Starry Night 2) Dark Cloudy Morning / Night 3) Dark Clouds + Heavy Rain Morning / Night 4) Snowing Morning / Night I noticed that:- 1) Snowy / Rainy weathers has no affect on Doughnut Park while Tamas are in it 2) When it's night, Doughnut Park isn't darkened, it's same as it is in the morning
  13. Your Right, Ichiro Malfoy, it could be a "Battery Glitch". I might have been using defective batteries they're old now. Amat Gotchi, I'm not using those 2 x "Maxell" Batteries than came with it. I'm using 2x "AAA Duracell" Batteries. After I recharged my 2 x Duracell Batteries, Tamagotchi ID L lasted for 2 Weeks, 3 Days. The batteries died again. This time "Low Battery" and "Load / Reset" screens appeared before the batteries died.