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  1. I can make siggys too! o o (0.0) {u u}o U U hehe ? (oo) -( )- / \ I treid to that one u did but mine isent very good * * (OO) " uu " " "o u"u These is supposed to be a kitty! U like?
  2. COOL!!! What name r u logged in as? Im Sam there!
  3. I LOVE UR WEBIESITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can i be a mod??? My name there is SLMJ!! THERES ALL MY FAV STUFF THERE!!! Manga.Pokemon,Digemon,Hamtaro,Tamagotchi!!!! And all things else!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yaeh! Jeremy thats rude! U can (like spring said) U CAN be a little nicer! Thats just plain rude!
  5. WOW!!! Did u see the old virtual pets she had!! The doggie one!! I want that sooo badly can u buy them in stores??? I want one!
  6. Kimbonian No Offense but its not a good day when a hurrcane comes! Theres was a lightnig bolt outside our house and the power was out for aweek and we had to have one more week of shcool!!!!! That was sssssoooooooooooo unfair and we became behind in a lot of subjects and it was a catagory 3 and almost became a 4!! Sooo that was BAD!!
  7. I LOVE SAILER MOON!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesent show on tv anymore though sorry but ive never even heard of Tamagotchi mini! Look on websites thats what i did when i lost me tama instruction sheet.
  8. SLMJ

    Join Now!

    Would u like to join tamajoy?? Please go here Please?? Theres only 5 of us now
  9. SLMJ

    Join Now!

    Whats a TamaTalk Wannabe Nock Off?? Huh??? I dont see color in ur post!!!! What do u mean??? Im trying to help someone get more members theres only 5 of us!!! Okay!!! So u know look at TamaTalk Compared to Kims site!!! 5 members against over 300!!!!!! OKAY!!! This topic is for people that want to join ONLY!!!! Sooo do want to join this or not???
  11. PLEASE DONT POST QUESTIONS HERE!!!!it comes when its 7 i thinke
  12. Please join kimboneions site!! We need more members!!!! Theres only 3 of us!!!!! We despratly need more members!!!! Go to here!!! And join and say that SLMJ told u to come k thanks Bye hope to see u there!!!!!
  13. Bye gotta go!!!!! See u tomorrow!!!! SAME TIME SAME PLACE!!!! BYE!!
  14. Oh Ya! My name is SLMJ! Same as here i dident want to thank anymore cause im doing some homework I hate it... dont u? Well can i be a mod or something? I noticed ur the adminestrator there cool!!
  15. I joined Kim!!! Can i be a mod???? Or a guid??? Ether one is fine well u show me around pwease?