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  1. go there =) i have a mametchi they are super cute all mine does is do this cute mametchi jump then come close up and it sings alot very active =)
  2. yeh your talking bout an urutchi i consider them rare but if they have a name they arent i guess the ones without names out the rarest =)
  3. some tamas have disliked food and liked treats if you tell me what your tama is /or what it looks like ill tell you his/her fave food =)
  4. yeh but if you check everywhere its always urutchi im confused *scratches head*
  5. yes its the one that has a head like a kutchipatchi as tamasrock456 described with a tail so yeh
  6. it can grow into a mametchi kuchipatchi Nyorotchi kusatchi takotchi maskutchi tarakotchi i dont know if its a good care tama but i never have had it =( but i hope i helped a bit
  7. wooltchi? thats a bit wack! maybe the site's owner wasn't sure the sheep tama was named urutchi maybe? or maybe o forget it lol
  8. could you please tell us more detail i would really like to help =) wait i think i know what you mean its a nyrotchi go here to check hope i helped
  9. you have a ufotchi its not rare but its extremely cute i've had one before and they are so cute here is its stats Wakes up at : 9 :00 Sleeps at : 9 :00 Fave Food : Fish burger most hated food : pasta it will turn into an adult in exacly 72hours This is all true i hope i helped
  10. just chance but my friend belives who press's connect first but i truly dont know sorry gurjuss
  11. lol there is a huge chance its a debatchi like tamadogg said does it have buck teeth?
  12. yuporoonie Teddy Bear (Doll as they call it) for girls action figure for boys i dont know what the boy tamas enjoy but i know both genders love the trumpet me and my friend both had the trumpet and our tamas both made different sound *turn the sound on when u use trumpet* its soo cute =)
  13. when u play with the action figure before bed time it sleeps with the action figure and the girls tamas sleep with the teddy bear (aka doll lol) hope this was helpful