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  1. tmamtlak crpeypsata i wos log uot of tt btu i cuoldnt hten i wos ban 4ever adn a gudie pm me abuot. ubt i wos ban 4ever so i ddint c it. then who was pm?

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    2. =^.^=


      It's not spam it's a humorous fanfic.

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      Then post it in Stuff We Write?

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      Spam in Status Updates & inappropriate language and behaviour in TamaCHAT... it's been quite a few years but you still don't show any respect for the site rules here :(

  2. V3 Growth Chart But yeah,I totally agree with everyone. I had the same problem with my V5. I was very small when I had it. I always got Ninja Family. I watched over it like a hawk for a generation and then I got a little variation. But you probably don't wanna do that.
  3. wqdbehjkcdslx;a I know it sucks, but still.

    © your mother

  4. Windows 7 Home Premium // I actually have Linux on this laptop too,there's a boot menu when you start the machine,and you can choose Linux. I choose Win7 every time. //
  5. Oh yes,I did. So it's basically just like the Gender War,except with Browsers. Take one off if you use Firefox/Chrome,add a number if you use IE. // I should hope not. // I'll start at 500. Ready Set GO!
  6. B^@ // I don't even. // // ...I actually plucked about 3 eyelashes out,thinking they would be strong enough to press down the keys. Needless to say they didn't work. //