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  1. So...I've had my tamagotchi Idl for years. It's in great condition cause I am very careful with it. (minimum to no scratches e.t.c) But I recently got a tamagotchi IDL 15th anniversary that although it's beat up on the outside is practically new and unused. Comparing the two I couldn't help but notice when I am on a white menu screen my old IDL has warmer pixels...it's not as white and bright as the other one. Now...I have some experience in tamas and the brightness is the same for both. also there is no dirt on the screen. Is this okay? Is it normal? Has it happened to any of your color tamagotchis?
  2. Same thing happened to me!! Stuck in toddler phase and she's 6 years old!!! And I didn't leave her at the hotel resort. Only to parents. I'll unfortunately wait for her to die.... A lot of glitches with the Tamagotchi meets... I also can't connect to the app and the battery shows it's dead while it still has life....
  3. Has anyone pre-ordered from ZenMarket? I found the Tamagotchi meets there since JapanYouWant is out of stock. What do you think? I am not sure I can post a link. :/
  4. Not sure if I'm writing this post in the right section but I haven't found anything helpful about the new tamatown of tamagotchi mix. I have a tamagotchi mix 20th anniversary and I don't live in japan so no station goodies. I still hope we'll get downloadables through IR, is this possible? My main question concerns the japanese tamatown on mix. I don't know japanese and inputting the code is almost impossible. Any help or guidance? Has anyone else connected to the site?
  5. I have a LG-E610v app and it has NFC but it can't download the app saying "Parse Error: problem parsing the package" What can I do? EDIT: My phone is android 4.0.3
  6. So... There are tamagotchi mix stations in Japan. But I read Mix can only connect to another mix and also that "there is no downloadable content. Does that mean someone out of Japan can't get the station-obtainables (even in the near future)? Through Pc or phone and IR?
  7. No, the suicide part was not any serious question. As for the battery, I think it was new. Still runs well now that I restarted it. Thank you for the help, though. I suspect there might be a battery issue indeed. Although I had no dying battery sign, some of the icons didn't properly show up before.
  8. I think his fortune was okay, meaning two stars. I can't be sure, but even when it was just one star on my tamas usually that never happened. And I also don't get why the training bar emptied. [unless that is always happening when a tama dies and I have totally forgotten]
  9. Hey,so... my tama v4.5 [which I've had for a long time but haven't used too much] did something I haven't seen or heard of, happening before. I had it right next to me, checking on it regularly. I had checked its status: hungry and happy being full and normal, training full as always [i never leave my tamas with incomplete training bar before they become adults]. So, I had my Ura Togetchi happily bouncing around. I have to admit I hadn't made any great investment of time on his skill points but they were sufficient for him to grow slowly and get a job and eventually...I was hoping he would turn into an oldie. But then, minutes after I checked on him last, I heard an unusual beeping sound. It was one of the rare times I saw the process of my tamagotchi dying but it wasn't at all a sight for sore eyes while I struggled to find out what was going on with him and a way to stop him. I regret my foolishness of the moment. I didn't think of resetting my tama to save him. Eventually he died.... But the problem lies in the status...see, the hungry and happy bars as well as the training bar were absolutely empty...which doesn't make any sense to me!! How could that happen? A glitch? Or did my tama commit suicide because I don't play with it a lot?
  10. I've had my tamagotchi IDL for quite some time now and I've had 11 characters reach tamatomo (2 of which appear sad in the character log though). I thought the next place to be unlocked is around 10 tamatomo characters after.... I've read topics on Idl but nobody has specified some exact number. I've only reached till Patchi forest and I'm on the 7nth generation now. I think Melody Land is the next but why doesn't it open? Any ideas?
  11. So tihs is actually a new tama-log!!! Yay! I hope you like it! It's basically my two v4.5s! So you must be wondering about the tittle... Well They are oldies! XD! I might breed them, but still, I'll leave them as oldies! So the ages will pass without meaning for them! They are teh only ones I run apart from my idl, which I won't be propably logging. I hope you enjoy your time reading about us! Oyajitchi Name: Felix Age:42yrs gen1 So basically Felix is the first tama in this tamagotchi device [which had a v4 shell but is a v4..5] And yet alive! Otokitchi Name: May Age: 16yrs Gen1 May was my hatch for the new year! Not many joined us, but she keeps going happily! She has connected several times to her friend! So that... for now... I won't be able to log everyday... I think... But anyways I'll be around and hope you like my tamas! XD!
  12. It happens sometimes if they don't connect well with each other, try again without keeping them too far, specially after you think they connect. The one gets the message, but the other doesn't so... You can double your items this way, Sending an item as a present, then keeping them distant and the one will get it, but the other won't leave the screen! XD!