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    There's a lot, I like Tamagotchi's obviously, I love music and playing in the orchestra, I love Nintendo and playing Animal Crossing and Pokémon.

My Tamagotchis

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    As of 15th December 2020

    English Tama's:
    2 P2's (Transparent yellow NIB, Transparent pink)
    1 V1 (Lavender with balls)
    4 V2's (Magenta with flowers, Light blue with flowers, Yellow with stars, Transparent blue)
    2 V3's (Pink hearts, Red Hawaiian)
    3 V4's (Blue sky, Blue with swirls, Silver and maroon)
    1 V4.5 (Blue with characters)
    5 V5's (Pink- love my family, Transparent red with sparkles x2, Black with gold, red with white and black)
    2 V6's (Orange with purple, Pink piano)
    1 Tamatown Tama go (Purple)
    4 Tamagotchi minis (Light Blue with green and purple, Orange with spots, Black with flames NIB, Purple with stripe NIB)
    1 Pac-Man Tamagotchi (Black)

    Japanese Tama's:
    3 Keitai's (Melon Soda, Green Hanerutchi, Red Hanerutchi NIB)
    Ketai Akai (Blue and yellow Viking)
    3 IDL's (White, Yellow, Pink NIB)
    1 P's (Pink with love and melody pierce)

    Tamagotchi's I used to have:
    1 V2 (Transparent blue- I know I have 1, but I used to have 2 of the same shell)
    1 V3 (Light blue with flowers)
    1 V5 (Pink- love my family- I know I have 1, but I used to have 2 of the same shell)
    2 tamagotchi minis (yellow with stripes, Blue)
    1 IDL (White I know I have 1, but I used to have 2 of the same colour)
    1Tamagotchi friends (Pink hearts)

    Broken Tama's:
    Jellybean V4 :/

  • Favorite Tamagotchi
    it used to be V5 but recently I’ve fallen in love with the V3
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
  • Tamagotchis currently running
    2 V3's and a Ketai

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  1. It’s on Amazon uk too, I have the link here. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08TK5TKTQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_t1_ZgXcGb9EJ9308
  2. I don't know if this is fake or not http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331535447715 It looks fake because of the logo but I'm not sure please help.
  3. i got 2 furby babies from 1999 yesterday!
  4. Bye bye tBay it is a good change and a bad change for some. Good = because it's stops scammers and guides won't have to worry about sorting problems. Bad = because people who used it correctly and enjoyed tBay will not have this feature anymore.