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  1. Been way too long since I've last been here! Does someone know the link for a Tamagotchi PC program/simulator I've seen here before? I can't seem to find it in What's On Your Mind?.

    1. Berks


      I think this might be what you wanted:


    2. Nazotchi25


      Oh wow its been a few years hasn't it?

      Long time no see!:D

  2. I know everyone's clamoring over the new Sanrio version, but I thought I would just share my sighting last night. I was in MOA (Mall of Asia, one of the biggest malls in the world) here in the Philippines and went to Toy Kingdom. I was searching for a gift and then I found this: I was in awe. I never thought I'd see them in stores again! It was priced at Php 3999, around 9000 Yen or $80. Unfortunately, my love for Tamagotchis has died down over the years for me to buy one, but it was still amazing to see them here. People were pointing at it and some seemed interested though I didn't stay long enough to see if anyone bought it. I was also in a hurry so I didn't take much pictures, and those I took were of bad quality too. Anyway, let the Sanrio version hype train continue!
  3. Returned here to say that I saw a M!X 20th Anniversary version at a toy store here in the Philippines! My heart literally jumped!

  4. Celebrating this account's fourth birthday in a few days!

  5. Hi! Welcome to TamaaTalk! Hope you stick around the forums! I have a P's and a 4U. If you're looking for more built-in content, go for the P's. As you said, the 4U/4U+ relies heavily on the app and touchspots for content, though I enjoy the 4U even without them because I love its simplicity. The P's isn't hard to take care of. It's worth taking note that you can send your Tamagotchi to daycare and school/work so you can leave them without having to worry. Even without these features, I can say they're pretty easy to take care of. Though the in-game items are expensive, you can get a flyer once in a while that doubles the payout of the games so money hoarding isn't as difficult as past models. I'd say go for the P's. I personally like the 4U more but that's just me and judging by your post, you seem to worry about content. P's has got that covered. Hope I helped!
  6. Happy Birthday TT!

  7. RIP Christina Grimmie. Such a tragedy. The world just lost an amazing vocalist.

    1. Yumecantchi000


      Yes, she was shot by gunman... :(

  8. Just a question: How are we supposed to get pure characters in other generations? I mean, we're gonna get a pure character on our first generation, mixed characters after that. How are we gonna get pure characters after that if everything will be mixed? I love mixed characters but I love me some original Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi.
  9. Back from the Tamagotchi slumber! This got my Tamagotchi spirit back on. So many hopes for this release. I think just with the mixing feature alone, I can tell this is gonna be an exciting Tamagotchi. Sadly, I have to wait until August to get one. The new characters are awesome looking too! Of course, the pastel colored shells are to die for. Here's to hoping for removable face plates. Also, Is Guriritchi now a girl? Her name's now in pink like other female Tamagotchis. Wow. Sex change in Tamagotchi. 2016. What a year to live in.
  10. I guess I really can't say goodbye to this site. Glad I didn't continue selling my collection. The Tamagotchi M!X got me so hyped. Will be getting one this August! Hello once again, TamaTalk!

  11. It's been a good three years, TamaTalk. To everyone: keep this site alive and kicking and don't let the tama spirit die out. Farewell!

  12. Will be turning 17 in a few months (Ew, I'm old.) and I still play with my Tamagotchis, Currently, I'm not running any not because of my age, but because I haven't gotten myself new batteries and my summer break just started. Will be making sure to run one (or two, or seven.) some time soon!
  13. It's completely random. It's a 50-50 case per egg and you're just lucky (or cursed, depending on how you look at it.) to have gotten six females in a row. The longest chain I've gotten was four females on my P's.
  14. Just as I expected, everyone went for the real thing. The essence of tamagotchis is that the device is their home. Having them on a phone basically throws away the tiny plot the toy had left. Having to press buttons and hold the toy on your palms is a totally different feel than having it on a phone.
  15. You know what would make this site more active? A new tamagotchi release.

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    2. Tama_Fan_2002
    3. MarshyMellow


      I've heard that Bandai America might make a new Tamagotchi that's going to be 'better than the color ones'. Hopefully that will be true..

    4. tamastar133


      I hope it's soon because I was fading away and then I recently not really but I got a 4U and it got me interested :P