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  1. Been looking for a blue hibiscus v4.5 but I can't find one anywhere! Any suggestions on places to look? Why is it so hard to find this shell?
  2. I'm weird in that I really like the mixing feature. I think I'd be disappointed to see it go. I usually wouldn't bother with buying new versions of the same model of tamagotchi just for new characters but I have all the meets and all of the mixes except the melody mix because I wanted the new characters to mix with. On the other hand it is fun to try and get specific characters with care misses etc on the older models.
  3. Yeah there just doesn't seem to be a lot to do with the nanos tbh. I really like the mixing feature too! I think the mix/meets/on might be my favourite colour tamagotchi (though I do not have the plus color so I don't know about that one). The unique character combinations are really fun.
  4. I wonder if the Pix will have the gene mixing feature. I have heard people say that it probably won't based on the fact that the leaked images show only 'regular' tamagotchis, but on the other hand I feel like 'Pix' could be a play on 'pics' (pictures) and 'mix'. What does everyone think?
  5. Thank you. I don't collect the nanos so I guess that means there's nothing for me to buy coming out any time soon (which is actually somewhat of a relief to my bank account lol). I wonder if the Pix will have the gene mixing feature. I have heard people say that it probably won't based on the fact that the leaked images show only 'regular' tamagotchis, but on the other hand I feel like 'Pix' could be a play on 'pics' (pictures) and 'mix'.
  6. Do you think that a new version of the meets will come out before the Pix releases?
  7. I have collected tamagotchis for years but never thought about protecting the screens... Now I want to and I have some questions. What sort of screen protector should I buy for my tamagotchis? I want to buy some regular soft screen protectors and then cut them down to size to use on my tamagotchis but I am not sure which make of screen protection to go for. I am worried about using one which ends up actually damaging the screen. If anyone can suggest or post a link to the specific screen protectors that they use that would be great. Also, I see people talking about using screen protectors on the colour tamas but is it also ok to use screen protectors on the vintage tamas (P1/P2, angel etc) and the connections? Or could doing so damage them? Can I use the same kind of screen protection on them? One final thing: how do I clean a tamagotchi screen without scratching it? I need to know this for the modern tamas (meets/mix/idl etc) and for the older ones (P1/P2/connections).
  8. Actually, on Sims 4 two sims of the same gender can try for a baby without mods and without switching genders. EA added a section in CAS. If you click on the three dots on the left hand side of the screen a drop down menu appears where you can choose whether you want your sim to be able to get others pregnant or become pregnant and this does not require changing the sim’s gender.
  9. Never mind, I figured out it was sick!
  10. I just got a magical witch tamagotchi. I started running it yesterday afternoon and everything was fine. But, since it woke up this morning it has been stuck doing the same one animation. I’ve tried selecting different options on the menu/s but it won’t do anything. It’s hard to describe exactly what it’s doing so here is a video: if anyone can explain what is going on, I’d be really grateful.
  11. Oh that’s a real shame I was really hoping to get the Gotchi King as a character. Thank you for telling me hopefully they bring out a tamagotchi with the Gotchi King as a playable character in the future! He’s always been one of my favourite tamagotchis.
  12. Yes they do. But they aren’t one of the playable characters. I really wanted the Gotchi King as an active character!
  13. I have been trying to get the Gotchi King family on my v5.5. I got 100% bonding, then married Princess Tamako to Tamastatchi. I got two eggs which hatched into Princess Tamako and Princess Tamakoko. I thought that when I got the bonds up to 100% the rest of the Gotchi King family (the Gotchi King and the Gotchi Queen) would join the two princesses. But, although I have bonding at 100% now the Gotchi King and Queen haven’t joined the family. It says on the info screen that I have the Gotchi King family but I still only have the two princesses. What is going on?
  14. I should have said I couldn’t find one to buy for a reasonable price as I have actually seen a few recently. I saw one on Yahoo Auctions a few days ago and I actually bid on it, but the price got ridiculously high (£760!!) and I couldn’t afford it. The thing I hate about Yahoo Japan auctions is that every time there is a new highest bid the auction gets extended by 5 minutes so the price just keeps going up and up indefinitely. There’s one on eBay currently for almost £1,500 which is even worse (especially since it’s sun damaged!). I would pay about £300 for one, but no more than £350 and even that would be a stretch since I am a student. Ah well maybe one day. Ideally I’d like two of them, since I love the connection function on these and how they can curse each other.
  15. Magical Witches look so fun. I’m aware that they are uncommon and tend to go for quite a lot, but I’m still in love with them. I can’t find one for sale anywhere, though. If anyone has a Magical Witch: Is it as fun as it looks? Also, if anyone if looking to sell a Magical Witch, hit me up 😉