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  1. Thank you ! I will be glad to keep posting it's not scary at all just VERY frustrating.
  2. So happy to say after about 5 attempts my Ocean got to the teenage stage!! I got Orotchi so so so happy! Does anyone else feel my excitement with this extremely hard tama?!
  3. I have a pink Tamagotchi Angel & my Umino is almost here <3 Im still looking into getting other angels and hopefully an English Tamagotchi Ocean!
  4. That's pretty true! Hah I just take such good care of my stuff I feel like it will bother me a little :/ but we'll see ^.^
  5. Thank you so much & thank you for your offer but I'm just going to get the original Angelgotch I had found because its color is the silvery white which I had initially wanted ^.^
  6. Hi! So I just ordered a Tamagotchi Angel from eBay. I got it for a really cheap price, but its a little beat up. I was wondering how I could decorate it to cover the scratches? Also, I wanted to buy another angel so I wanted to buy an Angelgotch, but now I just saw another angel for a good price it's just a little more expensive. Should I get the angel or the Angelgotch? And thank you in advance for the help!
  7. How will you know what music instrument and toy they like? Or if they don't like it? I just got my music star but I haven't gotten batteries yet.