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  1. daniinthetardis

    Danii's Tamagotchi Log

    It's me again! I'm keen to have this log going as a little side project, and I'm hoping it might spur me on to write more in my free time. My first week back into running Tamagotchis has been a good one! I was concerned about taking my Tamagotchi to work, since I'm in an office environment now and I still worry a bit about what other people might think of an adult playing with a Tamagotchi. It's been super easy though, as many of my skirts and dresses have pockets, so I can check on Aster when I am taking 'mini-breaks' throughout the day like making a cup of tea or something to eat. My partner knows, of course, and I think he's kind of enjoying seeing me re-discover them - he was the one who discouraged me from selling my collection when I was thinking about it. I'm hoping he might run something with me sometime. I am a bit of a collector at heart (I also collect brooches), so I currently have my eye on a green Magical Meets on eBay - since my last new purchase was the 4U, I'm keen to see what's changed. If I still love running my colours, I'll consider adding the other versions I've missed to the family (4U+, M!x). I'll likely pick up the re-releases available here in Australia first though, it's too good an opportunity to re-visit those versions and add them to the collection. I'm on Generation 1 of this V1, and it's been cool seeing all the features I've loved so much - the animations are fantastic and I've loved having my favourite character Ichigotchi! I was aiming for Mametchi with this one, but I slipped up when I was out to lunch one day for several hours, and she dropped all her hungry hearts. I'm never disappointed to see Kuchipatchi though. I'll probably start up my + Colour soon, since I've never run it and I think I'll enjoy exploring it and collecting the TamaTomos. I bought this one here on TamaTalk, back when tBay was a thing. It came from OldSchoolTama - I always loved reading her log! Catch you next time! Aster's growth stages (excluding child stage - Marutchi) - how cute is singing Ichigotchi??
  2. daniinthetardis

    Valentines Day 2018!

    Hi Tamatalk! Is there any interest in doing a Valentines Day Hatch? I’m thinking any version with a pink or red shell would be fun - to make it themed but also inclusive. Let me know if you’re keen in the comments or if you have another suggestion for what the “rules” should be, then I’m all ears. - Dani
  3. daniinthetardis

    Danii's Tamagotchi Log

    I'm sneaking back in... It's been about 4 years since I ran a Tamagotchi, but the idea came into my head a few nights ago! Since then, I've been having a little look around Tamatalk and catching up on the latest in Tamagotchi news! I'm happy re-discovering my collection, but it's exciting having the re-releases available here in Australia, and the new Meets available through HLJ. I've started running my V1 Connection - a plain black one that I bought in a bulk lot forever ago. This is my favourite version, as it was my first Tamagotchi when they were released in 2004. I like running this one because the shell is pretty discreet, and it's small and low maintenance enough for me to take along to work and check on in my breaks. I'm actually kind of nervous running this now that I'm a few years older again - so much has changed in my life since I last wrote here! But it's a good lesson in being myself, because I actually really am enjoying re-entering the Tamagotchi world. I'm not sure if I'll go back to collecting like I used to, but I might pick up a few newbies here and there. I'll work on getting some photos to share, and please feel free to message me to chat or just to let me know you're reading. 'Til next time!
  4. daniinthetardis

    Valentine's Hatch Log

    My P's has evolved into the turtle toddler - one of my favourite Tamagotchi characters! How's everyone going?
  5. daniinthetardis

    Valentine's Hatch Log

    Here is where you can post your progress for the Valentines Day hatch! Today I hatched a little boy on my Dream Coffret P's - he's like a little cotton ball! So cute. Can't wait to share photos and see all your hatches!
  6. daniinthetardis

    Valentines Day Hatch

    Happy Valentines Day! I'm moving this over the the hatch log section - it's not too late to join in!
  7. daniinthetardis

    Does the shell size of a Tama get to you?

    I do prefer a smaller sized Tamagotchi as I'm often away from home so they're much easier for me to carry around Connections are my favourite size, but the colours are manageable too. I found the Tamago too difficult, so only used that one at home. I usually keep them in crochet pouches in my handbag.
  8. daniinthetardis

    Friendship Tamagotchi Charms

    I haven't used the V6 myself, but in general you can share items, play games and if they are opposite genders they can breed in the adult stage
  9. daniinthetardis

    Change your tama/digital pet wish.

    I too wish I hadn't let my childhood Tamagotchis get so scratched up!
  10. daniinthetardis

    4u can't connect with rola card

    Double check the menu translations, as there are a few different connection options, and only one works for touch spots
  11. daniinthetardis

    Valentines Day Hatch

    Here's the list so far of participants for the Valentines Day Hatch: daniinthetardis: Dream Coffretchi P's MsDemi: undecided KL3000: Pink V3 Jokus: Yellow Akai Mandymom: Pink Tamagotchi Friends We've got a pretty diverse hatch going on, should be interesting to see! daniinthetardis
  12. daniinthetardis

    Valentines Day Hatch

    It sure will! So glad to have you guys on board!
  13. daniinthetardis

    Danii's Tamagotchi Log

    Hello readers, if there are any of you out there! Yesterday was a pretty big day for all of my Tamagotchis, with all three starting new generations! Since I have quite a few photos, I'm going to make separate posts for each Tamagotchi, starting with my P's. I'm using Photobucket today, so hopefully you'll be able to see the pictures better! Himespetchi went to school for a few hours today, and left a journal entry for me to read! When she came home, we finally saved up for the right TamaMori item, the lab coat with blue pants, as you can see pictured on my happy little Himespetchi below. She was so pleased to earn her final puzzle piece (as I'd already had her for long enough to achieve the fourth piece) that she rewarded me with some just adorable animations (below). We also visited what must be an enchanted forest, as I was surprised to see Himespetchi jump into the mouth of one of the trees, only to end up in the laboratory pictured below to have a chat with that strange fellow next to her. When all the fun had been had, Himespetchi visited the matchmaker, who offered her a few suitors. But of course, her choice had to be Mametchi! We all know how much Himespetchi loves and admires Mametchi. The dating and marriage animations were darling, they go out to a few places, then walk through a blank space having what appears to be memories of each other before visiting the chapel and marrying. Himespetchi returned to her home with her baby boy, who you can see her reading to below, who is now in my care. He evolved into the turtle toddler and I am so in love with this character! He's adorable! I've really enjoyed running my first generation of the P's and don't know why I waited so long to purchase one! Gosh, some of the photos are very big! I'm not sure how to fix them, unfortunately, but at least it's close up! Hopefully I'll have better luck next time. Till then! daniinthetardis
  14. daniinthetardis

    Danii's Tamagotchi Log

    Good news, I have photos for you today! I'm still recovering at home with icepacks tied to my face, so all three Tamagotchis are running. I may have to revaluate this setup when I go back to work on Thursday! I will more than likely keep running just my 4U, since it has the babysitting function and this makes it very easy when I am working. As always, please feel free to get in contact with me - I'm very friendly, I promise! Tamagotchi P's: Cute little Nokobotchi (the style personality teen) was my companion yesterday before evolving into Himespetchi. I was very happy to see Himespetchi, as I recently raised her on my 4U for the first time, and I like her very much! We have filled in two of our puzzle pieces so far using the health drink from Music Cafe and the hand mirror from TamaDepa. I've read that her third piece is a white uniform, but there are two white-coated items at TamaMori, so I'm not sure which one it is. We're saving up for it at the moment! I've found that the B button doesn't respond sometimes (I bought this Tamagotchi NIB) which is frustrating when playing the jumprope game. Oh well! Himespetchi Tamagotchi 4U: Pokapokatchi evolved into Spacytchi, as anticipated! As soon as he evolved, I fed him his favourite curry rice to earn one of his happy stamps. The second was earned from a delicious three-tiered ice-cream - yum! Spacytchi has gained all of his schooling stamps, and after he earned the last one (cooking) - he became King Spacy! I have included a photo of him below. I am hoping for him to change back today so that I can use the royal crown for his third happy stamp. I think King Spacytchi is achieved through very good care of Spacytchi, so I am trying to neglect him at the moment to see if he will return to his usual form. Apologies! I couldn't get this one the right way up. I'm using TinyPic - any better suggestions? King Spacy chasing his umbrella. TamaGo: Furawatchi and Tarakotchi are still happily married. Yesterday they hatched a beautiful baby girl and seem to be very happy. They have spent one night all together, so I imagine the parents will leave tonight. Last night, Furawatchi's weight reached 99lb and all of a sudden both she and Tarakotchi swelled up and refused to move. Naturally, I was a little worried and consulted some online sources, which told me I needed to use medicine. When I did, they did their little happy dance and returned to normal. Oh dear! I have read that if this happens when the Tamagotchi is on it's own, it will poop it's weight back down. How peculiar. But it certainly encourages me to exercise my Tamago! Happy family. In other news, I'm currently waiting for a used pink ID and used purple P's with the Disney pierce. I bought them in a lot for a pretty good price, considering the Disney pierce has become very expensive on it's own! Unfortunately the P's doesn't come with it's original silicone heart, so if anyone knows where I can get one - that'd be much appreciated! I'm wanting to buy a green P's as well, so I may end up selling the purple one once I achieve the special connection characters. We'll see! I also have a yellow English iD L on hold - it wasn't cheap but the price was fair. I really like the yellow shell, and I like to have matching pairs for my connection Tamagotchis. My wish list is pretty long at the moment, but I don't think I'll be making any more purchases for a little while! Ciao for now, daniinthetardis EDIT: I'm running a Valentines Day hatch - go check it out if you'd like to join! I love group hatches.
  15. daniinthetardis

    tama p buttons

    I've noticed the same with my new Dream Coffret P's. Such a shame!