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  1. Hi guys! Hopefully you’re all still keen for this and my apologies for getting the year wrong in the thread title - haha. I’m going to hatch my Akai today, as I believe it’s still Valentine’s for all of you in the northern hemisphere. I’ll be creating a new thread for the hatch in the Group Hatch Logs. Looking forward to sharing this with you!
  2. Good evening! So, it looks like my care misses with Hyde were a bit more than I thought, because on Saturday I woke up to sleepy Nemutchi! He's pretty cute, and I was happy to have a new character to enjoy. He's a bit unenthusiastic a lot of the time though! We grew the burger tree, and also had our first clear day! Unfortunately there were no puffy clouds, so we didn't pick up any more happy stamps. I kept Nemutchi until Monday morning, and then he went to the Date Place to meet none other than Gorippatchi. She's super cute, I'm definitely going to try for her at some stage. Hyde had a cutie pie baby girl, and we're calling her Lavender. Oh, and remember the cute pictures of my foster kitten and TMGC+C...she did end up stealing it and putting a big long scratch in the screen. Oops! Luckily, it doesn't look too bad when the screen's lit up plus I'm unlikely to ever sell this one on so if it doesn't bother me - it doesn't matter. It was in such perfect condition though, I was a little disappointed I hadn't been a little bit more careful. Lavender became Sakuramotchi for her toddler stage (the only option for odd generation females). I did 4 carefully-executed care misses and was rewarded with my absolute FAVOURITE character and I love her even more in colour. Ichigotchi! I think the + Colour might be my new favourite version - I am loving it. I had an accidental care miss earlier today, so I think Lavender will become the 'average' adult. I'm playing lots with Ichigotchi to see all her animations. I also decided to start up another monochrome over the long weekend, the only V2 in my collection. When they first came out, I had the zebra stripe version but I haven't seen it for a long time - it's probably hiding in an old box from many moves ago! This one is a cute starry shell design that I received in a cheap eBay lot - it's not in the greatest condition so I may look to pick up another one at some point. I feel like I've really overlooked this version! I don't think I've run one since they first came out. I'm really struggling with the games though! I'm not sure if it's me or if maybe the buttons or a little bit sticky. I currently have a Ringotchi named Peony - it's slow going as I'm pausing her while I'm at work, but I'm looking forward to playing through it more. I've always adored the V1 but the extra characters and features on V2, 3, and 4 are pretty fun. I find running the V1 a little boring as I know it so well, but I do like to now and again to enjoy the memories and the unique animations...and Ichigotchi! 'Till next time!
  3. I just ordered the green Magical Meets from an eBay seller last night! It probably won’t be here until mid-March because I selected the most basic shipping but I’m looking forward to it! It’ll be my first of the new Tamagotchis since the 4U came out.
  4. I’ve never seen this before, but maybe you could take the batteries out and put them back in. You should then be able to “download” the data so you don’t lose your Tamagotchi. Good luck!
  5. Good afternoon and happy Friday to all you weekday workers! I have lots of catching up to do. Iris the Chamametchi evolved into lovely Memetchi! I feel so-so about this character usually, but I adore her in colour! It was also nice seeing a character from V1 - she's so cute. I kept her around for a couple of days, enjoying how easy she is to care for while I've been at work. I've been trying lottery to get the rainbow watering can, but even then I'm not seeing any nice weather days at all, so I think those Happy Stamps are out of reach for the time being. She did however, plant the Hapi Hapi seeds. I forgot how long the trees take to grow though, so I decided to marry her and leave the Hapi Hapi tree for her offspring. I was keen to see more characters and keep generations going, rather than wait for more happy stamps, especially knowing I wasn't going to fill all seven. So, on Tuesday, Iris went to the matchmaker and hoped and hoped for a partner. To her delight, it was Mametchi! The kissing scenes are so cute on this version. They had a cute little baby boy, who soon evolved into Ahirukutchi. He certainly enjoyed the Hapi Candy that Iris left for him. His name is Hyde (short for Hydrangea, since I guess I'm doing flower names!). Yesterday, I was pleased to see him evolved into Young Mametchi - another old favourite (so like his dad, too). We've unlocked TamaDepa now and are just playing games and saving up to collect more prize tickets. Still no luck there - just repeat items. I had a big morning at work, and I accidentally left Hyde at home! I was sooo worried he wouldn't make it, but since we have 3 happy stamps - that meter wasn't even close to empty. His hungry bowls were completely empty and he was a bit displeased. I'm so glad I didn't lose him and have to start again. Because of this care miss and one yesterday, we should be seeing Shimashimatchi for his adult evolution. I haven't seen this character for ages, so I'm looking forward to it. Til next time! Bonus pic - My TMGC+C and adorable foster kitten, Bambi!
  6. Hello! Well, it's been a huge weekend - it's a hot summer here in Australia so working an outdoor festival was gorgeous but so exhausting! Iris was set to sleep the last few days, but I've been spending some time playing with her a bit in the evenings. She evolved into Chamametchi on Saturday morning and she is adorable! We haven't been able to collect any more happy symbols, but have tried out a few lottery items. She received the scrubbing brush and the vacuum cleaner - I've included pictures below of her using them. I wish I looked this shiny and cute when I did my cleaning! She also grew the candy floss tree from the mystery seeds - it's super pink and I love it. The next goal will be saving up for the yellow transit ticket to unlock a couple more destinations. I'm not sure when she'll be due to become an adult, but I'm looking forward to seeing who she evolves into! I'm kind of keen to start something else up again as well, but I'm not sure what...any thoughts? There's also the Valentine's Hatch happening on February 14th, so I'll have to decide what to run for that! I have an Akai which I may run, and a red shell Japanese P1. Until next time!
  7. Happy Friday everyone! I started up my TMGC+C last night and I'm loving it! I have a little girl, and I've decided to call her Iris, to keep up the flower theme for now. The characters are super cute, and there's lots to discover. The mini games are pretty fun - my favourite is the apple-catching. So far, I've just been reading through the guide to see what I can do, and getting all the secret code items. So far, I've collected one Happy Stamp (not TamaTomo - oops) from the Japanese Tea. The weather is pretty snowy outside, and today it was rainy - so I don't know how well I'll go collecting the weather-based ones. I do like having a little objective like that to complete though, it makes it more exciting. I had both Iris and Aster, my V1, at work today and I found it pretty manageable to take decent care of both - though I definitely wouldn't be running any more. I like the combination of one colour, and one monochrome. Some cute baby stage photos, including Iris calling out my name in Japanese (I hope I got the characters right!). Iris sharing the love Rainy day today! I'm working at a festival over the weekend, so I've taken out the battery of my V1 - I may run it again at some stage, but I know this version like the back of my hand so I don't mind taking a break to try something new! Iris will be set to sleep during the day while I work, and I'll care for her at night. I'll be staying with my best friend over the weekend, who I played with our original Tamagotchis with, so I'm looking forward to showing her the +C. Until next time!
  8. No interest so far, unfortunately! I’d love to share the Tamagotchi love this Valentine’s Day if anyone else is keen so let’s say Hatch Date: 14 February Version: Any! Valentine’s shells or connecting pairs are encouraged. Hopefully see some of you then!
  9. It's me again! I'm keen to have this log going as a little side project, and I'm hoping it might spur me on to write more in my free time. My first week back into running Tamagotchis has been a good one! I was concerned about taking my Tamagotchi to work, since I'm in an office environment now and I still worry a bit about what other people might think of an adult playing with a Tamagotchi. It's been super easy though, as many of my skirts and dresses have pockets, so I can check on Aster when I am taking 'mini-breaks' throughout the day like making a cup of tea or something to eat. My partner knows, of course, and I think he's kind of enjoying seeing me re-discover them - he was the one who discouraged me from selling my collection when I was thinking about it. I'm hoping he might run something with me sometime. I am a bit of a collector at heart (I also collect brooches), so I currently have my eye on a green Magical Meets on eBay - since my last new purchase was the 4U, I'm keen to see what's changed. If I still love running my colours, I'll consider adding the other versions I've missed to the family (4U+, M!x). I'll likely pick up the re-releases available here in Australia first though, it's too good an opportunity to re-visit those versions and add them to the collection. I'm on Generation 1 of this V1, and it's been cool seeing all the features I've loved so much - the animations are fantastic and I've loved having my favourite character Ichigotchi! I was aiming for Mametchi with this one, but I slipped up when I was out to lunch one day for several hours, and she dropped all her hungry hearts. I'm never disappointed to see Kuchipatchi though. I'll probably start up my + Colour soon, since I've never run it and I think I'll enjoy exploring it and collecting the TamaTomos. I bought this one here on TamaTalk, back when tBay was a thing. It came from OldSchoolTama - I always loved reading her log! Catch you next time! Aster's growth stages (excluding child stage - Marutchi) - how cute is singing Ichigotchi??
  10. Hi Tamatalk! Is there any interest in doing a Valentines Day Hatch? I’m thinking any version with a pink or red shell would be fun - to make it themed but also inclusive. Let me know if you’re keen in the comments or if you have another suggestion for what the “rules” should be, then I’m all ears. - Dani *TM Edit - changed the year in topic title from 2018 to 2019
  11. I'm sneaking back in... It's been about 4 years since I ran a Tamagotchi, but the idea came into my head a few nights ago! Since then, I've been having a little look around Tamatalk and catching up on the latest in Tamagotchi news! I'm happy re-discovering my collection, but it's exciting having the re-releases available here in Australia, and the new Meets available through HLJ. I've started running my V1 Connection - a plain black one that I bought in a bulk lot forever ago. This is my favourite version, as it was my first Tamagotchi when they were released in 2004. I like running this one because the shell is pretty discreet, and it's small and low maintenance enough for me to take along to work and check on in my breaks. I'm actually kind of nervous running this now that I'm a few years older again - so much has changed in my life since I last wrote here! But it's a good lesson in being myself, because I actually really am enjoying re-entering the Tamagotchi world. I'm not sure if I'll go back to collecting like I used to, but I might pick up a few newbies here and there. I'll work on getting some photos to share, and please feel free to message me to chat or just to let me know you're reading. 'Til next time!
  12. My P's has evolved into the turtle toddler - one of my favourite Tamagotchi characters! How's everyone going?
  13. Here is where you can post your progress for the Valentines Day hatch! Today I hatched a little boy on my Dream Coffret P's - he's like a little cotton ball! So cute. Can't wait to share photos and see all your hatches!
  14. Happy Valentines Day! I'm moving this over the the hatch log section - it's not too late to join in!
  15. I do prefer a smaller sized Tamagotchi as I'm often away from home so they're much easier for me to carry around Connections are my favourite size, but the colours are manageable too. I found the Tamago too difficult, so only used that one at home. I usually keep them in crochet pouches in my handbag.