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  1. I know you mentioned that the batteries are new but i recommend perhaps trying another batch of batteries? (from a whole new package) Maybe the batteries you have are faulty Better that than your tama! Or instead you can perhaps test those batteries out with another electronic device to see if it reacts the same way your tama did. Either way I really hope it works out!
  2. My first ever tamagotchi was a v1 :') it was baby pink and it came with a pack of stickers to decorate it with! My best friend and I were the only ones that had one where we were from but we were obsessed! And we'd connect every day when we were together.. RIP little one ;-;
  3. I picked one up at Target in the orange color- It's so cute! What's funny is that as I walked out of the Target to wait for an uber, my boyfriend pointed out that he saw one of the teen employees getting one haha! Of course, it's a little disappointing to see that it's a chibi version but I bought one anyway to show my support I took a small string and hung it on to my m!x as a tama for my tama I really hope that the success of this encourages Bandai USA to release more tamagotchis (maybe even in color?) Buzzfeed made a video featuring the new Tamagotchi that has hit 300,000+ views so far so that should REALLY drive people to purchasing them! I'm gonna pop into Target again tomorrow to see if they've sold out of them already. Last time I went some were sold but they had a ton left!
  4. Someone ripped off the touch spot before I could get to it with my tama...
  5. To anyone that has a Mitsuwa (Japanese-American supermarket), I was doing some grocery shopping and passed by the candy section only to find this.... Super excited to see it but strange since the 4u's are not sold here! And apparently the touch spot comes with the toy concession. Also, across the street from my Mitsuwa (New Jersey location), there is a Japanese toy store that sells the Tamagotchi 4u! Although I was happy to see them there and was literally about to purchase one, they were selling for a whopping $120!! I bought mine on CDJapan for a lot less and lightning speed shipping. Still cool to see tama merchandise slipping into the crevices of outside countries. -If anyone could tell me how they make pictures appear on their comments, I'll fix this so you could see what I mean. <EDIT
  6. ohhh hehe.. i'm not that great on understanding hi-tech stuff. I guess your safest bet is getting what works for everyone else. If I end up finding another phone that can connect with my tama i'll definitely post it on here first! I almost used my friend's the other day but she was scared her phone would catch a virus because of the app. (paranoid much) lol
  7. I used T-Mobile but I don't think the carrier matters. there's a link on the app that sends you a link to the compatible phones. As far as an android goes, the note 3 and galaxy s5 are compatible as well.
  8. So sorry! I don't know how my phone posted a response three times...
  9. @chitchi unfortunately, the 4u is incompatible with the LG G2. I tried like 20 times. ;-;
  10. @chitchi unfortunately, the 4u is incompatible with the LG G2. I tried like 20 times. ;-;
  11. i don't know how to get my tamachat to work >.>

  12. With only three months since the release, we still have time for more features to come up with the app. I'm sure Bandai Japan's gonna wanna make more profit with the cards soon. They're probably just creating the addiction and craze of the new tamagotchi 4u to the Japanese customer before releasing more content. In which case the customer would have to feed their yearning for new tama character cards. Though I must admit.. I'm SUPER jealous of their easy access to everything tamagotchi.
  13. Ahh I see! Yeah I soon figured it out through reading around. Ratamazone had a video up where he said that an S5 worked for him! I'll try my bf's and let you guys know (in case anyone was wondering) Thanks!~
  14. Hello Bisq, were you able to make the NFC work on your galaxy s4? I'm still trying to figure it out.
  15. Hey guys, Just got my tamagotchi 4u! I've installed the app and registered into the bandai website for the app. Has anyone gotten the Samsung Galaxy s4 to connect to their tama? (yes, my NFC and beam are on) If so, how exactly do you line it up when connecting? I've tried everything and at one point it was about to allow me to beam, I felt it vibrate so I thought it was a text and moved my tama away. Then I saw the beam/tap screen but it was too late since I moved my tama.. Thanks in advance!