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  1. Well then I am lucky too! Decided to check out the two nearest WalMarts... First was a no show. Second had a handful right by the NeoPets and such. He shoots... He scores! Thanks for the tip! I'll try to get some pics to put online ASAP...
  2. The Toys R Us Australia site has a news article (click link) announcing the Tamagotchi 2 (?!) coming in late July. Click here to read.
  3. This site has a number of letters debating the Tamagotchi with some guy who says don't buy em (might be good reading for this TamaTalk member.
  4. well its just like anything else you buy... how do you know a game is fun until you try it... how do you know a book is good until you read it... you can listen to what others say (like movie or book reviews) but you never know if it's good to YOU until you actually see, do or hear it.
  5. I think that would be great! Tamagotchi 101 class taught by our own Tamagod
  6. Is it just me or do the pictures of the auction items (signed or not) show packaging for Tamagotchi Connexions (not the US 'Connections')... Pre-release? In that case they have been pre-released for weeks now! Though it is still a good cause no matter what version...
  7. I wonder if thos with 40 or more can take care of all of em at once A TamaParty!!
  8. Good idea! All members should be able to create polls. I'll get this one goin'
  9. Anyone know where to find some Tamagotchi type icons and avatar images? I'd rather have somethin like that instead of a smiley face by my name.
  10. Tamenagerie has a page up with some photos of some fakes...
  11. Tamagotchi Warnings is the place for you to post links warning other members about accicentally buying a non-genuine Bandai tamagotchi. You are also welcome to use this area to ask if a product is geniuine or not. Remember that just because a product is not Bandai, it doesn't mean it is a "fake". Every product has a home brand version... the same applies to tamagotchi pets! As described by Mothra:
  12. Tamagotchi "virtual pet" set for U.S. comeback
  13. Post your Tamagotchi news stories here! (Just story headline and Internet address or publication date only please!)
  14. Want to get an idea of how many people are visiting that already have their own pets...