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  1. Did exacly what u told me to do and I still ended up with Ichigotchi
  2. How do you get Chamametchi on Music Star? Advice please!?

    1. Tama-Star_Girl


      Hmmmm I have gotten her before. Got her with very good care from what I remember.

    2. iHavezMyBirdo


      Just take good care of it.

  3. Hello everyone, I was wondering how do you get a Lovelitchi on tamago. i've read thatyou need to raise her friendship points & training point but i have NO idea how to do that!!!! please help! ANY advice would be very much appriciated!
  4. I play lost of games with her (just finished a game) i feed her when she's a two hearts for hungry & happy i keep the stress lv. at 0 & i don't buy any treats unless ik its her fav. but i keep getting ichigotchi :/
  5. Hello everyone, I've seen tamagotchi growth chart but when I try to take perfect care of my tamagotchi I keep ending up with Ichigotchi when I really want Chamametchi. Any advice would be great!
  6. Thank you i'll give you credit when this is all done the GIRLs chart & when i'm done doing the chart (when i find out how to do one.) I will do the boy's chart.
  7. How do you make a Tamagotchi Chart???