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  1. Looking into getting a V3...

    1. RubyLullaby


      I love V3! It was my first Tamagotchi :) Hope you can find one

    2. Rukitchi


      It was also my first tama ever. I highly advice you to buy one

    3. What?


      It was my first too, but I lost mine while moving, sadly.

  2. Hello again, I bet you thought I was leaving, huh. I'm not going to FYI At least I'll try not to Anyways, I think that an every other day schedule would work well for me, because I'm starting high school, and that'll take a while to get used to. By the way, Irene got married to a ninja tama dude, like Gonzotchi or something? They had a baby boy... I will take reccomendations for names though, trust me I'm not like a really rude person, you can PM me if you want~ Irene and her band Gocebo have yet to achieve pro debut (I googled what it was called) I'm not even sure if you can when you are with chlid. anyways, to the chat! --- Me: Hey, so Irene, why don't you introduce me to your spouse and kid. Irene: Ugh, fine. this is my husband, Gavin, and our kid. Me: What are you naming the kid? Irene: I want Castiel Gavin: And I, Jim. Me: Well, what a conundrum. I'd be fine with either name to be honest. Irene: We could play a game for it. Gavin: Don't be silly, we shouldn't leave our childs name up to chance. Me: Did someboDY SAY GAME *hour interlude* Me: The game will consist of three rounds, each winner wil recieve a point. The tama with most wins at the end will get to name the child. However, if someone Pms me a name then I will consider theirs as well. Irene: I am okay with this. Gavin: I guess I'll do it. Me: Okay, round one, start! --ROUND ONE-- Me: This round will be based on who can get the highest score on Piano Tiles Irene: Give it here. *two minutes pass* Irene: 4.025 on original 25 Gavin: Well, my turn then. *5 minutes pass* Gavin: Ugh, I guess I lost. My best was 4.892 Me: On to round two! --ROUND TWO-- Me: This round is on spelling. Irene, which of these is the correct way to spell a synonym for rabbit- Hair, hare, haer, or hayr? Irene: Emm, the 1st one. Me: Sorry, that is wrong. It was the second one. Gavin, how do you spell the world we live on- Eerth, Aerth, Earth, or Erth? Gavin: Easy, 3rd one. Me: It seems we have a tie. Round three! --ROUND THREE-- Me: Who is the current president of the USA? Irene: *sweats* Gavin: *coughs loudly* Irene: Barack Obama? Me: Gavin, your answer? Gavin: George Bush. Me: Sorry Gavin, Irene won. Baby will be called Castiel if nobody PMs me. Gavin: Awh --- 6 years 56 lbs 4 hungry 4 happy 00 stress 729 tone 710 rhythm 818 original Latin Music Maidtchi 2g 14350p 999th star ranking 35,614 tama fans There is at least one spelling mistake in this post. Find it, PM it to me, and your profile and a topic of your choice will be on my next post. Seriously PM me
  3. Uses corner to scratch away at coconut until it breaks. *Gives next person a plastic straw*
  4. I have that effect on people c:
  5. Youtuber for a day Phanisreal Would you rather eat a dead person's toe or ear?
  6. Favorite musical. Would you rather go to any fictional world, or get a book that describes your life.
  7. Turn that frown upside down~
  8. Fangirling at night, sleeping at day
  9. Hello, I have a V6 and I'm on the 2nd gen. My problem is that I have only 2 toys- The robot and the train. I have a girl tama. Is there any way I can get another toy? Preferably a girly one?