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  1. I haven't been on in forever. Why? I feel horrible but I broke my Tamagatchi... So until I can figure out where to get another one I'm not going to be posting anything. Sorry guys
  2. Why do we have to learn all this math if we don't need over half of it?

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    2. SJneptunia


      Because, someday that a^2+b^2=c^2 will come to use... lol no way xD

    3. SakuraLove


      I still use a lot of calculus and statistics for psychology research actually. You use a lot in university as well.

    4. TamaMum


      Because you never know which half of it you (personally) are going to need in the future?

  3. Hey! I am so excited because she finally decided to play nothing else really new with us. Y: At least you remembered to bring me to school unlike in my former lives. Ha, yeah that is a good thing. Y: I am sorry people of tamatalk, but I don't feel like talking today. So bye guys! Hope you have a good week.
  4. Okay so my Tamagotchi has only two hearts of happiness. Why? you ask. Because she doesn't want to play ANYTHING! Let's ask why. Oh Yakantchi,how do you expect me to fill up your hearts if you won't play any games? Y: I don't know! I just don't want to play. If you can't fill up my hearts, that is your problem. Yakantchi, don't be so rude. Why don't you want to play anything? Y: Because. That is not an answer. How am I supposed to help if you don't tell me what's wrong? Y: You can't. I just want to dance around on the screen, what is wrong with that? I don't like any of the games that you pick. Seriously, I have picked every game possible. You don't like any of them. Y: Exactly. I don't feel like playing right now that's all. I'm sorry but I just don't feel like being cooperative, I don't want to play. Well, I guess I will just have to accept the fact my tama doesn't want to play with me. :'( Y: It isn't you! You are my favorite person, besides myself but I am a tamagotchi so yeah. I just don't want to play right now! Maybe later, okay?
  5. Hello! I am so sorry I have not been on in so long. Unfortunately, I took a two hour nap and of corset with my luck poor Kyo died. I restarted and received a girl naming her Tohru and she became a Kuribotchi and evolved into an adorable little Yakantchi! So far so good! Stats are: Hunger: Full Happy: Full Training: Two She is one year old and weighs 15 lbs. Plus I have 3,400 botching points, yay!
  6. Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been on lately, I have been uber busy. I am kind of upset because my adorable little Kyo evolved into a Urakutchipatchi. And once again a I forgot to take him to school and he DIED!!!!! :'(. Poor Kyo! But I will restart it and take much better care of him! And I will be able to post everyday this weekend! So, I will be back soon with an update on my new ALIVE tamagotchi! Bye guys!!!
  7. Alright everyone, hopefully you can all tell I'm a swimmer. I have practice every Mon.-Thurs. plus Sat. mornings. I am hoping to be able to update my log every weekend. I was able today because a I have no homework. Secondly, I thank all of you guys, you make me feel geyser welcomed! So my Kuribotchi's stats are: Hungry:4 Happy:4 Training:0 He is 1 year old and weighs 17 lbs. His name is Kyo! Say "Hello" to everyone Kyo! Kyo:Hello! So Kyo, am I doing a good job of taking care of you so far? Kyo:Yes, considering you almost let me DIE today! Oh yeah sorry Kyo, I forgot to bring you to school today, sorry! :€ Kyo:I guess it's okay, but could we maybe stop talking and play a game??? That's my cue guys, I will hopefully be here later tonight, but for now, Byeeeee!
  8. Welcome to Tamatalk, Swimgirl!

  9. Hello people of tamatalk! My friend recently gave me one of his tama's to care for. So far I love them! I have Kuribotchi right now and I am very excited that my friend trusted me to take care of one... he has a youtube if you want to check him out! Mimitchitamatalk, his videos helped learn about tama's so I thank him. Anyway I hope to eventually be very educated in tama's and be able to tell you guys about my Kuribotchi as he grows!