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  1. Oh wow, I wonder what it will be, I dont want to wait until Fall to find out... I hope it is a NEW one all together and not just an english version of another one of the Meets.
  2. I am enjoying my Tamagotchi Meets SO MUCH. Love the new pets function, love the characters, love the shells. <3



    1. Ittermat


      Lol I love mine too- I just wish I didnt have to keep a guide up to read it.... but its fine. ^^ we should be friends on the app sometime ^^

    2. Jhud


      Honestly I like it too. I was getting bored of M!X and Meets isn't that much different from it, but somehow it has way more charm than M!X had. 

  3. Got my TWO Tama Dream Mix's yesterday in the mail. THEY ARE SO GREAT!

    1. asmexus


      Ikr the dream m!x is awesome so far :)

    2. Thurin
  4. Where is my mind?

  5. Just got a Tamagotchi +color EXILE, anyone have this one too?

  6. Ohh I just found out there are new characters and 4 new destinations on the 20th Ann. M!x.... totally getting one

    1. spacelynvader


      it's not necessarily 'new' characters but most of them are replaced by older/vintage characters. there is 1 completely new character however that a 7 year old designed in a contest :)

  7. Should I get a M!X 20th ANN. Edition? I have the two other M!X's already..

  8. Sure here it is: ALSO it WAS the battery. I changed it 3 more times and then it FINALLY worked.
  9. Oh I see... I will try the battery. It was a "new" one "never opened" and I think it was a new battery but I will check that! ---- I checked it and put in a new battery, the problem is still there...
  10. Having fun with Uratama. :)

    1. Hanikamitchi
    2. Thurin


      I want to connect it to my Dekatama but I am having issues with that.

      I posted about it in "What happened to my Tamagotchi?!" :)


  11. So, I followed Binary's instructions that I found here on TamaTalk and am trying to connect my Uratama to my DekaTama Here is the menu I start with: Then it tried to connect but 2 SECONDS after I see this screen: It SWITCHES to this screen. This seems to be the 'reset' the tamagotchi screen, if you pick the first one it takes you back to your character. If you pick the second one it starts the tamagotchi over again. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions for me to make this work? THANK YOU SO MUCH ! - thurin
  12. Day 6 with my Devilgotchi.

  13. Deviltchi pooped! He has given me many high-fives and his DP points are at 10.

  14. FINALLY have a Devilgotchi ! Just in time for Halloween!