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  1. I am enjoying my Tamagotchi Meets SO MUCH. Love the new pets function, love the characters, love the shells. <3



    1. Ittermat


      Lol I love mine too- I just wish I didnt have to keep a guide up to read it.... but its fine. ^^ we should be friends on the app sometime ^^

    2. Jhud


      Honestly I like it too. I was getting bored of M!X and Meets isn't that much different from it, but somehow it has way more charm than M!X had. 

  2. YOU WERE RIGHT! The battery was low !!
  3. Sure here it is: ALSO it WAS the battery. I changed it 3 more times and then it FINALLY worked.
  4. Oh I see... I will try the battery. It was a "new" one "never opened" and I think it was a new battery but I will check that! ---- I checked it and put in a new battery, the problem is still there...
  5. So, I followed Binary's instructions that I found here on TamaTalk and am trying to connect my Uratama to my DekaTama Here is the menu I start with: Then it tried to connect but 2 SECONDS after I see this screen: It SWITCHES to this screen. This seems to be the 'reset' the tamagotchi screen, if you pick the first one it takes you back to your character. If you pick the second one it starts the tamagotchi over again. Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone have any suggestions for me to make this work? THANK YOU SO MUCH ! - thurin
  6. I am very saddened that TamaTown is gone. It was so much cooler than the 4U PC game.
  7. Thurin

    Tamagotchi 4u app?

    I would like to know what the app is called and how to find it as well. PLEASE
  8. Thurin

    Ps English Patch (DL)

    No you can not, you have to "beam" it through an infrared device.
  9. Thurin

    Ps English Patch (DL)

    CAN NOT WAIT to get this onto my P's !!! THANK YOU!
  10. I agree with your post 100%. I have almost all of the other versions and after the ID, ID L's and P's this seems like a real step down.
  11. Thurin

    Valentine's Day Hatch

    I will join later tonight !!!!
  12. My MORINO Changed into it's FIRST final form! I got MINOTCHI !! UNFORTUNATELY if I would have gone COLD then I would have gotten FUNKOROGOTCHI who is REALLY cool.. oh well this was my first time (I got cocoon "D") so I will see who else I get. ALSO my MINI came in the mail yesterday! I got it when I got back from work. It is SO CUTE and small !!! Look how big it is compared to the other Tamagotchi (my Mothra) .. SOOOO SMALL !! I love it !! So far my Tamagotchi Mini is a baby and JUST NOW it pooped. Look how small it is !! SO CUTE! Okay I am going a little overboard but it is the smallest tamagotchi I have ever had!!!!! I can not find the proper name for it though.. is it called a MINI ? made is 2004-05 MORE UPDATES SOON!
  13. LOTS of UPDATES!!! My Genjintch died.... I feel like a bad Tama mama but I tried really hard to make it work and keep it safe and happy. I think that perhaps I was running too many at once as well (3 of them) so I will pair it down to my Mothra and Morino right now. Poor little guy it was only 5 days old... MORINO My Morino finally turned into the cocoon stage!! I am excited! You can see the temp meter. I have it pointed on H (for HOT) and that is all that you seem to need to do. It has been over an HOUR and the gage for the temperature has not changed it's position and pressing "a" switches it between C and H and pressing "b" or "c" gets you OUT of the temperature menu... AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?? Also my Umino STRIPPED A SCREW !!! As you can see (below) I had to PRY the back off of the Umino... NOT FUN at all and it was so nerve wracking! I tried every other method possible, since this has happened to me before, and none of those methods were working. So I took out my pocket knife and once I had the good screw out I pried the back cover up enough to FLIP it around and the wiggle it until the plastic hole around the bad screw was big enough to SLIP the back cover off. So now I will find a screw that is bigger (at the head) so it will fit in. Besides a little damage on the back cover (could not be avoided) my Umino is JUST FINE. I ordered some screws online (1000 piece for EyeGlasses and Watch repair) and they should be to me by next week. Here are the pics: Tamagotchi Screws for backs of P1, P2, Umino, Mothra, Genjintch, Morino, AngleGotchi, DevilGotchi, etc are 1/4" (.25 inches) long which is 6.35 MM Look how STRIPPED the screw was.. It was bad when I got it and the ONE wrong move and it got WORSE. I tried LOTS of different things (none of which helped) so I had to pry it off. Here is the result : then later on I will unscrew the screw with jewelry pliers. As you can see there is SOME damage around the hole but there is still a hole (it is just bigger) so I should be able to fit in another screw soon. Once I get the new screws in the mail I ordered I will try them out and then post pictures here on how they work. All for now! - thurin
  14. My MOTHRA changed!! YAY! It went into a cocoon for only a few minuets and then came out as.... <-----------> FAIRY !!!! Now Fairy was not my first choice but Fairy has the Mothra head so it is still CUTE !!! As of right now (10:58am) my MORINO is still a CHILD (at age 7) and my GENJINTCH is still a child (at age 4) So no change and no picture update for them. HOPEFULLY they will both evolve soon because I am really looking forward to how they will turn out. I ordered some cases for these guys (4 of them) and I am WAITING still for them to come..... I REALLY want it to come in the mail today because I want to make sure their paint jobs stay nice because on my Morino, Mothra, Genjintch, and Umnio I love the paint jobs and the way they look. Here is what I am waiting for: Hopefully they will come soon because I cant wait to use them!! MORE SOON! - thurin And now for REPLYS to your comments: Carol_tama Thank you so much for the info on your YouTube channel it was GREAT to see! Nice to digitally meet you Cool that we have the same Tama's! Cant wait to see more videos from you!
  15. Okay so my Umino is still dead... and I am debating resetting it at the moment because I got my GENJINTCH in the mail ! So far it has turned into the child stage of Grubabotchi but I would like to have the adult Genbintchi !!! This is my first time running the Genjintch so I am looking forward to what will happen. I LOVE all of the teen characters and kinda wish that there was more than 3 options (and a secret character) for the adult ones. The discipline is low because I want to try for the female adult which is second best (hmmmmmm) and the weight is 19 so far, I may take that down a bit but I am not sure my strategy at the moment. Also my Morino got attacked AGAIN and before I healed it I took a picture of it all bandaged up. It even has a little crutch. I then revived it and all is well. I wonder how many times the Morino can get attacked before it dies.. it has literally been at least 5 times so far, I am not a bad tama mom it is just that I have to turn the sound off when I am at work so it is easier to miss. My Morino is 6 days old!? and is still a teenager... ?? I will have to look up how long the teenage stage for the Umino is supposed to be because this seems like an EXTRA long time... maybe I am not doing something right, who knows. I will update of course at the cocoon stage! My Mothra is still in the teenage stage and should be going into the cocoon stage soon, I hope because it is also 11 days old!? YIKES! I would LOVE to get the MOTHRA character but I have not been taking PERFECT care of it... but almost perfect. I let the hearts get down to ONE a few times and I think that will effect the outcome but LOOK AT HOW CUTE mothra is.. !!! Who wouldn't want that character!? So another day. I hope I will have more changes soon to make another update. And now for REPLYS to your comments: Carol_tama Glad you found my site on tumblr, yes I agree that it is very sad about the Umino I hope that I have the patients to run it again soon. I think it would be a great idea for you to start yours up again.. AND post pictures!! Thanks for commenting! *Hayden* THANKS! I am glad you like my pictures and my log. I want to make sure to keep this one going for a while so STAY TUNED!! Eternal Mametchi Fan Yes, I saw that as well that a few others have had the problem of scaring the bear away. I tap mine on the top LEFT side after pressing the "A" button but now that I think about it I wonder if I DID press the "A" button that last time.. perhaps some of us get so stressed that "OMG THERE IS A POLAR BEAR" that we start tapping before pressing "A" ?? I should try to video the bear attack and have some proof of the matter. Thanks for the compliments! dylan1234 Thank you