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  1. Finally put batteries back into my 4U and then remembered it's very mundane without the downloads. How I wish I had the S5 and not the S4.....

  2. Writing design documents is an emotionally taxing experience

  3. The P's are very good for color Tamas, I'd second the recommendation. There's emphasis on deco pierces but not enough that it strips the content from the system in favor of them. Plus if you've got an old cellphone with IR built in you can send virtual deco pierces to the device.
  4. I haven't really updated my profile in a long while, so this was fun.

  5. I got the GB version of Osutchi/Mesutchi and the lack of documentation about it on the Internet is certainly making this hard. Yesterday it took me a lot of time to figure out that the battery for the sound was the same battery that it used to save and this battery was dead when I got the cartridge. Now that I've replaced it I'm thinking of making some notes on it for others who intend on getting it or trying it out for the sake of it...

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    2. Doobytchi66


      I have the transparent ones, great Tamas, I got a few generations out of them, quite worthwhile.

    3. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      @Bunbutchi - That would be amazing! I looked up the cartridge and compared to the original Gameboy game, it is quite unusually shaped. It would be interesting to learn if it is more advanced and why it does need a battery at all (the original didn't have one).

    4. Doobytchi66


      you might be able to glean info from the people on this page, http://tinycartridge.com/post/220264772/drop-1410s-rare-game-boy-carts

  6. I've been looking around for a topic on this but I can't find one. Decided I may as well ask now, since I'm dying to know if this is possible. There's a program I've got on my computer called iD Make DL. I downloaded it a long time ago, and it's served in making custom items for the iD and P's, for me. Upon the release of the 4U english app I saw that there are a few custom items thrown in there. Some foods, wallpapers, and I think a few custom-made lotteries and characters? Not entirely sure, though. I was wondering if making our own custom stuff is really possible? The idea of a custom character on my 4U is something awesome to me. I've been unable to find out how to make something like this, and even if items can be sent to the 4U without the app, in the case this is possible. Second question: virtual deco pierces. Is it possible to make custom vDPs too? At this point if you can't tell I'm p much obsessed with the concept of a custom character on a Tamagotchi, haha. Sorry if these are really dumb questions. I myself am not sure if these downloads/Deco Pierces are new data or just accessing data that's already on the device, so if it's the latter obviously custom vDPs would be impossible.
  7. when u wanna get a famitama but, theyre sO expensive, ,

    1. Evinalesca


      Tell me about it! I'm saving up for a Devilgotchi D:

    2. LittleChocoWolf


      They shouldnt be expensive LOL They're the worst connections imo. Honestly dont pay more than $25 for a used one with no box. A rare shell/cute one NIP could be $40-50 I suppose.

    3. Yasu


      I got one for $8 recently :D

  8. I'd say it depends on the download methods you have at your disposal. Many Color Tamas incorporate downloadable items/games/locations in their experience. If you have an IRdA USB or an old phone with IR beaming then I'd say go for either the iD, iD L, or the P's. If you have one of the (few) compatible phones from the 4U app phone list I 100% recommend getting a 4U. The amount of downloads available through Mr. Blinky's English App (including backgrounds, items, even characters) is incredible, but without app access the device is quite mundane. There are 2 basic games and a small growth chart, both of which made the device almost unbearably boring for me to play with for more than 2 generations. If you've got none of these or downloads just aren't your thing (they might be though, you can make custom items on a computer-- which I think is super neat) I say go for the MiX. The amount of raisable characters and combinations that stem from this is something I love. Plus there are a few smaller improvements, such as the way the icon menu is no longer along the top and bottom, giving the room a lot more depth. Opt for the Anniversary or Sanrio MiX's if you get the chance, they offer more possibilities.
  9. (Apologies, my post seems to have posted multiple times)
  10. You could take it apart and rub the button contacts with rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. It's always worked for me with fixing unresponsive buttons, so maybe something might've wedged itself between the button and the board, or it requires cleaning. Be careful when taking apart the device, though.
  11. (Apologies, my post seems to have posted multiple times)
  12. i made my profile bg like 5 years ago yikes

  13. There's no fee, monthly either. Basically, what I do is deposit money into my bank account. Then, I enter the card details into PayPal and link my account to it. That way, the money is taken directly from my card instead of adding it to the PayPal balance. I always thought PayPal balance was just for when receiving money from someone else, through PayPal.
  14. Hayden sums it up well. There's no fee for transactions from what I know unless you're sending money to someone through PayPal. I definitely recommend linking a bank card to PayPal because it's simple to just walk over to a bank and deposit cash, haha
  15. The Music Star's STRESS meter was quite off-putting for me so I got lazy and just praised it over and over. Unfortunately, once the stress reaches a certain level (like 80 or 90) praising does nothing and there's little that can be done to bring it down (besides the games).