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  1. i think the first game i played was digimon world 1 for the ps1. it's either that, or bubble bobble
  2. my favorite pokemons are sableye and jirachi mainly because sableye with its hidden ability can drive anyone crazy and jirachi is a perfect paraflinch pokemon. Both pokemon were really good, until fairy type was introduced and ruined sableye's no weakness status and electric type pokemon being resistant to getting paralyzed, messing up jirachi's paraflinch combo. i dont hate fairy types or anything though Both sableye and jirachi are still my favourite pokemons even though they arent that great in battle anymore
  3. my achievement isnt that great but i once managed to get sabotenshi on my angelgotchi
  4. Finally done with my finalls yay

  5. I love all of them but my favourites are the cat returns, laputa, totoro, and kiki's delivery service.
  6. you know what I miss? swapnote.

    1. tamagotchirocks


      Omg is swapnote gone?? I haven't been on my 3ds in a while so yah :(

    2. Rhythmless


      Nah you can still download it but you can't send notes via spotpass anymore because some creepy dude was sending nudes or something bleh

  7. I'm just gonna convert the currency from Malaysian ringgit to USD via google since i bought all my tamas with myr lol V6- $24.55 (then I traded it for my friend's angelgotchi) V3- $21.48 V4- $6.14 (I bought it from a classmate, and then I sold it to another friend after, like a year because I needed money to buy pokemon heartgold lol) Chibi- free. (My friend bought me a uniqlo chibi as a gift wee) Tama-Go- $18.41 P's- $61.35
  8. Very Insecure Orange Likes Inventing Numbers HATS
  9. Not running any of my tamas currently, but I'm gonna start up my P's as soon as my finals are over
  10. Obsessions by marina and the diamonds. Also, since the song was stuck in my head for so long, I learned it on the piano. Now it'll be stuck in my head even longer
  11. My laptop that my brother gave me when I was 14. It was previously used by him but god it made me super happy. Aaand three months later, my sister broke it and its too broken to be repaired now lmao. Well, next on my list is a belated birthday present from my best friend, he gave me pokemon white
  12. I love rhythm games but I'm terrible at them
  13. All marina and the diamonds songs, and a lot of vocaloid songs. There's just too many for me to list out all of them but you guys should totally listen to My Classy, Tactful Fire Extinguisher by Gumi. It was funny at first and then it broke my heart. Also, I love all of the puella magi madoka magica songs they are amazing