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  1. I found out that I put in an 'i'. Thank you! There isn't much info on it on the wiki. I'm guessing in the Tamago Tamagotchi's don't get their defining features til they grow up a little more. Well, actually as I typed, He grew! He ha a little helicopter hat. "Ahirukuitchi".
  2. So, it's been a long time since I played with a Tamgotchi, and I just recieved my Tamagotchi Tama-town in the mail. However, I want to learn more about what kind of Tamagotchi it is, but I can't because I don't know it's name to search for on the Wiki. I looked up it's name on the info for it on the Tamagotchi, and it said Kino-Itchi, but when I looked this up it was for a adult tamagotchi that looked very different from what I have. My Tamagotchi looks like a mushroom, it's stem is black and the cap is white with black dots on it. It's a boy. What is my Tamagotchi?
  3. I am a botanist enthusiast, and that's what I am. What is botany? The study of plants and their properties.
  4. Jeez, that's terrible... Cause I checked here too (Tbay), they sale like hotcakes, and Ebay... all unavailable. Looks like I'll be getting one after a year or so when more people are selling their old ones. I'll try posting In Want to Buy. Ty
  5. I'm getting back into Tamagotchi after having a serious nostalgia need for the newest one they may have made, since I loved them and grew up with them. But to my dismay, I noticed that the newest one doesn't have an English version yet,, but apparently ID L does... I want an English ID L and I have looked on Ebay, the third party site from japan, and even here.... But it seems they are all sold out. Does anyone know where to get an English Version of ID L? I don't care i it's the 15th anniversary or princess one, I just want to know where I could possibly find one of these elusive toys. Please help out a lifelong fan!