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  1. Hello everyone! I love collecting licensed Pokemon plush and playing the Nintendo games. I came across this awesome giveaway ( and thought maybe some Pokemon enthusiasts would like to enter. I got my eye on that Karpchu (Pikachu cosplaying as Magikarp) and have been wanting it since It's release in Japan. It's sooo cute! Good luck to anyone who enters.
  2. Hope you enjoy your birthday :)

    1. djaganshi


      So far so good! Thank you. :)

  3. My husband and I watch - Doctor Who Sherlock (thanks to Jhud, I can not believe I forgot this one! Do I lose my Sherlockian card?) Castle Big Bang Theory Bones Raising Hope New Girl and so much more that I can not think of. >.>
  4. I have a Tama Morino vines pattern that I dont want. It does have some issues. One stripped screw and a dent/cut by the area of the screw. Would anyone be interested? I will make a t-bay post with pics if ppl are.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      I want a Morino so much ;w;

    2. djaganshi


      You interested in a possible purchase? :)

    3. TamaMum


      Your best best is to make a tbay topic anyway. That way you find out straight off if anyone is interested. Also, if ppl can see pics of your Morino it might "help" them decide that they would like to go for it or not. Some ppl really don't mind those issues if the Morino still works.

  5. I love watching SourceFed and Philip Defranco Show (PDS) on YouTube. I also like to go to as well. These are the only places I trust.
  6. I'm slowly starting to turn into a PokeDoll collector. Or any plushies released from the Pokemon Centers in Japan. :3

    1. Sabrazom


      Same here o0o

  7. I would love to go to Japan. The culture is amazing! I want to experience the festivals, pokemon centers, tamagotchi stores, eat at all the restaurants, play in the arcades (claw/ufo machines), my list can go on forever. One of these days I will go with the hubby and it will be spectacular!
  8. AHHH! Finally my Pokemon Center Bulbasaur plush arrived in the mail. It's soooo adorable!! (∩˃o˂∩) ~ ♥

  9. Early Christmas presents from my hubby . The 3DS LL/XL case is sooo cute!! I've been wanting an ocean for so long and I finally have it in my hands.
  10. I just got these today. A Genjintchi and Uratama! The wait from Japan is always excruciating. But I just love it when sellers put something a little extra in the packages like candy or snack foods.
  11. Yay! Club Nintendo finally has something that I want to spend my Coins on. I'm stuck between white and green.

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. PrinJess


      What color goes best with yellow? lol

    3. ichiro.malfoy


      Either a yellow one too... or maybe a white one? I think xD

    4. neonmoo


      The UK nintendo club only has rubbish stuff, Im super jelly.

  12. Im worried about my Mothra Tama. It's been in the Mothra Grib stage for about two days now. When is it suppose to go into the cacoon stage? :(

    1. djaganshi


      Mothra Grub stage*

    2. Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      Counting Bodies Like Sheep

      It should go into a cocoon at around age 8 :)

    3. djaganshi


      Thank you! I'm glad their isn't anything wrong. :3

  13. Pokemoooooon!! I love it when the hubby has time to play with me.