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  1. hhh it's been awhile

  2. when you just learned you can play games on tt.....lol

  3. Eh, really, I think I'm done with logging. I'm interested in other things at the moment.

  4. Alois just got a letter in the mail from his teacher to go by and have a chat with her. He was upset to find that that would be their last time hanging out as he got too old for her lessons in the preschool. However, we just got another letter in the mail. It's time to pick out his final school's teacher! ^.^ However, the letter came in kind of late so instead of getting Mr. Canvas as his teacher (he's a really artsy guy, mind you) we got stuck with Mr. Turtlepedia. He'll get over it I'm sure. He also has a thirst for deep knowledge so it should be fine. Oh, and of course since we're choosing a final teacher I must inform you that he evolved. He evolved into that diamond-like character, Daiyatchi. I think that means he'll be in the Uramame family right? Isn't that what it's called? Anyways, today should be another quiet day for us. Maybe I could do something special later. I may post later. ^.^ UPDATE: We got yet another "surprise" in the mail... and it turned out to be that someone left a snake in our mailbox. Alois, being the little scaredy-cat he is is no longer happy so I suppose I should play some games with him.
  5. So I took care of Alois last night until he evolved and fell asleep, of course. Today was a quiet day for both of us but at the same time a lot of stuff happened. First off, he met his preschool teacher. He was quite excited to meet her. I managed to get a picture of his character, too. (Sorry for being so lazy about the names XD) I'll post some more tomorrow.
  6. Ayee, I just noticed the birthdays are working again! ^.^ Happy birthday to all of you

    1. nizidafabie


      Yeah, I'm happy it works again c':

  7. I've started logging again! ^.^ Hopefully this time it's better, and I look forward to getting back to reading all of your logs.

  8. Some of you might remember my other log, I believe it was called "The Pet Log of a Royal Rainbow Princess." I was doing good at that log at first, but then I let some problems get in the way of it and so I started making promises to log and then wouldn't go through with it and then I eventually just stopped logging. Anyways, this is my second attempt at making a new log, and I hope it's better. I don't have a lot of time so I will just say I've hatched a new baby boy on my V4.5 and his name is Alois. I'll post about him tomorrow.
  9. Need to start doin some stuff in the forums -.-

  10. I will no longer be updating my log as I am thinking about starting a new one.

  11. I'm on an iPad at school, and its so...weird XD

  12. I just made a new account yesterday- my user is lolirainbowprincess . You should add me!
  13. Hey everyone, I may not be able to update my log or hatch tonight like I had said because I have a project that's do tomorrow and it got assigned today (ugh, excuses Ashley... really?) but we'll see. I will be logging soon though!
  14. Gonna start updating my log again.