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  1. My best friend Julia gave me a loan of her tamagotchi id l in November. I thought I would just sneak it into school for the lols of it XD Everything was going well until...... In November our teacher (principal) announced at our schools assembly that we were going to a show case. She also said that one of the people who was working at the show case is going to be picking a child from each class to do an announcement. On the day we went to the showcase , I decided to bring Julia's id l ..... (Julia hated me for this lol but she forgave me after a sentence lol) Anyways , all the performers was done , and it was time for the chosen people to do the speech and I was one of them! I still had Julia's id l in my pocket. It was my time to go up for the speech. There was a microphone there for me to speek into it. Julia's id l was a baby and you all know how needy they are! At the end of my speech , before everyone clapped , somehow my baby turned into a toddler and somehow went to preschool without me touching it!!!!!!!(I think it was because everyone was squishing me and it might of pressed the buttons) Music came out from my pocket and EVERYONE heard the music. And that was my embarrassing tama moment EVER
  2. I lost my v4 tama!! I looked my house from top to bottom and couldn't find it :( But my mam bought me a music star!! I love it. I haven't been on tamatalk for MONTHS

  3. The time when I almost got caught by the teacher : Just before the Christmas holidays I brought my music star into school. (I lost my v4 tama , but my mam bought me a music star ) Anyways, I kept my music star in my phone pouch on the strap of my bag. I kept it there because when I have my bag on my chair and when our class does library reading I pretend that I'm reading , but I'm actually play with my tama. One time I did this and I was sitting beside a telly tattler and he seen me playing with my tama. He said to me "I am gonna tell on you". So he told the teacher and the teacher said are you playing with a gadget?? I quickly changed the time method on my tama and I said no , it tells the time. The telly tattler said no she's not!! she was playing a game on it!! (That was a lie because he couldn't see what I was doing on my tama because I was turned the opposite direction) The teacher said be quiet! The gadget only tells the time! At this point I was like Phew! lol. Now for my embarrassing tama moment : On the day of my embarrassing tama moment my classroom was having a maths test. It was a hard maths test and everyone who was doing the maths test was very quiet. Anyways , I was finally finished the maths test so I decided to play my tama BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER , but everyone else wasn't finished it. I took out my tama out of my phone pouch and I asked to go toilet. Our toilets are in our classroom , so it isn't the best place to play with my tama. In the toilets I was feeding , playing and cleaning my tama. The sound was ON. But I didn't relaise that the sound was on. I went back to my seat and I pretended that I was getting something out of my back. The sound was still on and I was going into preschool and all of a sudden music came out from my tama. Everyone heard it. I quickly just sat on my tama! lol. My teacher was so curious to know what it was and who was it. But my teacher never found out. Here are some tama tips! : 1. SOUND OFF ALWAYS 2. Go to toilets between periods 3. NEVER play with it during tests 4. If you get caught playing with your tama , change it quickly to the time method 5.Tuck up your sleeves and play with your tama from the inside of your jumper Hope these tips were helpful!
  4. soz guys i wasnt on tamatalk during the month and i cant find my tama!!!! ahhhhh i hope i find it;(

  5. this is how to get a baby: so you have to make sure that its 3:00 PM if it is 3:00PM set the time to 2:59 PM and then wait 1 minute.When the matchmaker appears press any button and it will come out with one.Dont say no no matter how ugly it looks its important to say yes especially if it is 9,our last chance to get married or have a baby.When your baby is here set the time to its current time P.S the baby will not erased. that is how to gety a baby on your tamagotchi v4
  6. made a new topic!! plz see it everyone! its in tips and tricks and its called v4 tips and tricks!! hope u cud read it!

    1. TAMAmaybeth


      That's a great tip about matchmaking! Thank you!

    2. pamelastamagotchi123
  7. oh ya..... i forgot to tell you guys about this topic : this topic is all about tips and tricks on the v4 tamagotchi so as you can see i made a post on how to get your v4 tama to marry feel free to ask any questions you can also make your own post! e.g how to play mimic or something like that so as i said feel free to ask questions! Stay Sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. this is how to get your tamagotchi v4 to marry: you should wait until your tamagotchi is already 6 years old.when its 6 wait for 6 or 7 hours,then set the time to 2:59 pm wait until its 3:00 pm and you will hear an attention beep,then the matchmaker will chose a match for you decide if you wanna marry the tamagotchi the matchmaker gave you if you said no,you can still set the time to 2:59 and wait for another match make sure your tama will get married if it doesnt it will become an old tama and it will pass away thanks for reading!!!!!!!
  9. my tama keeps on dieing! and im like always taking care of it.anyone,can you help me??!!

    1. TamaMum


      Post a request for help in the Help for Tama Owners forum - and don't forget to tell everyone which version you are running :)

    2. pamelastamagotchi123


      ok ill check it out!!!

  10. hmrrrr.... my tama keeps on dieing and then i reset it and then when it hatches itsa baby and the babys are SOOO ANNOYING!!

    1. Mamapatchi


      Don't let it die?

    2. Orandatchi


      .. it's like you are born an adult if there were no babies >.>

    3. pamelastamagotchi123
  11. my friend : julia has an id l and i was playing on it when suddenly the backround/screen went red! i told her what happend julia almost had a heart attack! so we went on the computer and went on tamatalk and we found this topic! julia thought that it was going to froze forever or something but after she read this she went to get the vaccum and it was ok! she thought I broke it but then i told her i didnt and after that she got over it lol so this was really helpful thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. i was going on holidays to : majorca and i was bringing my tama with me when i was packing i had NO IDEA of where i could put my tama so then i had a GREAT IDEA! i got these : moshi monster egg things from my little nephew he said i could keep it so that was when i had an was one of these eggs that open so if you have a container that opens all you have to do is this : get a container that opens , after that you could stick on (with glue or anything that is sticky) some frabric and put it in the inside of the container can put as much frabric as you want in it! just make sure that you will be able to open it when you put frabric in it (with my egg i just put frabic on either side of the egg) anyways ..... after you did that you can open the container and place your tama in it! that way it wont be all crushed p.s you dont HAVE to use frabric just use something thats soft hope this helped!
  13. once my tamagotchi died in school when the teacher (miss barron) was explaining our maths.i had a pin cliped on my tama so i used that to reset it.while miss barron was explaining , a big long beep came from my this point all the tattle-tales knows about me sneaking my tama into school thing so they knew who/what it came from.i put my tama into my pencil case (my friends one coz if the tattle-tales tell on me they wont find my tama anywhere)and did the tattle-tales tell on me? yes they did! so i said it wasnt me + i dont even know what a tamagotchi is??? i said so they all was searching for it but they didnt bfind it!!!!!!
  14. im trying to get an id l i mostly play with my friend julias one but i wanna get one so i wont be haveing to use julias id l everytime

    1. tamagotchialice


      I use to have a friend named Julia :D I dont know if its the same one, though.


    2. pamelastamagotchi123


      her sername is ciszewska , julia ciszewska