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  1. Just created new account; not using this one anymore

  2. Aww school tomorrow...

    1. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      ono you're right D:

    2. tinkeepie11
    3. Box


      *Yay, school tomorrow


  3. Hey same for me! Waiting for a pink P's from CDjapan... ordered yesterday so gonna take a while noooo x.X Going to be my first color tama and second in my new collection <3
  4. An app called App Trailers. Paid tons of 3DS games and my Tama-Go. I also babysit ^^
  5. Ate too much candy. AGAIN.

    1. maomin


      Was it Halloween candy? :3

  6. Ate WAY too much Halloween candy today!! Dad says I have til next Friday to eat them all and then he'll throw all away because it's so unhealthy. Gaawd!!

  7. I like your avatar, but isn't one of them Keropi (or however you spell it)? xD

    1. mozaique


      Yup, it's Kenopi from Hello Kitty! ^^

    2. pokemonboy10


      Ah, kinda glad I couldn't spell it, lol. Also Hinotamatchi is awesome. :D

  8. Emailed them and they told me it was only a typo and that they were ''working on the issue''. lol.
  9. Trading 2 mint/new 3DS games for one of your old and common tama, PM!

  10. Mint/new 3DS games for trade... PM, or Tbay!

    1. mozaique


      Shinobi (15$ Ebay, retail 40$) and Imagine Fashion Life (Ebay 20$, retail 30$). Will trade both for a Connection or any common Tama... you can offer anything. ;)

  11. Will trade mint 3DS games for tamagotchis... PM!

    1. dylan1234


      what type of tamagotchis?


    2. ciara683


      what games?


  12. Haha ^^ Sent them an email asking if that's REALLY the item's price or if 999 is only a typo... Gawd those crazy people on earth ^^
  13. Next time, please bring some to North America, Bandai!!! Please!!