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  1. Well I can't tell you which one to get as I don't have the P's, but I was worried about buying a Japanese iD L & its actually pretty easy to navigate (..I haven't had a tama since around 1998) I of course had to look up some things on here several times but you'll get the hang of it pretty quick!
  2. Thanks! I've seen those posts, I would really like some opinions from those who have both, just wanting to know if its worth buying and if they like the p's better than the iD L
  3. I bought an iD L a month ago & I absolutely love it. The last few days I've been looking in to the tama p's. I know there are some new features like dating, getting a job & going to daycare. I'd really like to know (mostly from people who have both tamas or experience with both) do you like the p's way better or is it there's only a couple new features compared to the iD L and not really worth it?
  4. I was very nervous about buying a Japanese one bc I only speak English too.. but I went for it and it's actually pretty easy to navigate & understand. The only thing you won't be able to understand is some of the conversations your tama has with another tama like at the park and such. I'm very happy with my id l & glad I purchased it! You can buy an id l from for $58-90. I bought the pink one & paid $59 and free shipping. If you get confused on anything, just Google or look up some info on here, its helped me a lot.
  5. Right now my tama is a teen on my id l.. every time I take it to the bathroom it doesnt go.. but always ends up pooing on the floor. Do they only use the bathroom when they are an adult? And is there no discipline button? I'm so used to the old school tamas I had when I was a kid & you used to be able to discipline them
  6. my iD L came today!! XD

    1. Mamapatchi
    2. lynn★


      Thank you! Loving it so far! I was afraid the Japanese version would be hard to understand but I think I've got the hang of it! :)

    3. ~SailorMoon~
  7. I really hope my iD L comes this week.. getting anxious!