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    You are what you what, so be the being that is begun - Ghandi 

    Thought this was inspirational to your day!

  2. hello!!!!! coffetchi!

  3. I still check every few weeks or month so yeah I guess sort of
  4. nyoom!!!!! zao zao kachow~~~~!!!! o_O wooooowie hehehe

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      ummm ok than lol

  5. like and subsrcibe

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      tamagotchi :D

      that's weird that you're on when i'm on

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  6. I ate some custard and even though I got a little tipsy (silly me didn't read the label, it had whiskey in it lol!), it was still quite enjoyable. Overall, 4 stars.
  7. when life throws lemons, ditch everyone!

    1. *Hayden*


      boa constrictor~~~ hiss!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. To be fair, the chibi was made basic on purpose. It's target audience was towards millennials who nowadays have jobs and are busy, so it makes sense to why it was made to be low maintenance, but also kids who don't really have to do much to keep it alive. The fact that people have to literally hunt them down because they're so high in demand makes me hopeful for future releases although.
  9. Ordered the transparent blue chibi from Toys R Us Australia! It arrived at the warehouse on Friday and hasn't shipped yet, but fingers crossed hopefully soon.